Dune Pro PC caseSource: Dune

What you need to know

  • The Dune Pro PC case is trying to be a Mac Pro.
  • It even has an accessory with a latticed front panel.
  • It looks great. But no pricing is available.

It's funny how some people seemed to hate the new Mac Pro design, yet there's already a PC case in the works that looks just like it. The Dune Pro PC case is an attempt at making a case that looks like the new Mac Pro, but without all the Mac Pro gubbins inside. That's at least moderately cool, right?

Snark aside, I think this looks pretty nice, but then again I'm a fan of the Mac Pro so that makes sense. The case has all the right holes and spaces for all of the standard PC components that go into building such thing, too. Motherboards, PCIE cards, drives. All that stuff. And it has two USB-C ports on the top of the case, too.

But this isn't a Mac Pro, obviously. And if you want the full-on Mac Pro look – as The Verge points out – you'll need to pick up Dune's patent pending noise dapnening accessory. It fits on the front of the case and really is needed to complete the latticed Mac Pro look.

It all looks pretty cool, but you'll need to deal with Kickstarter to get your hands on one. It'll apparently hit the site on October 21st, but you can get more details about the case on Dune's website if you're so inclined.

Dune says that it believes "the power to choose is not just for the pros, it's for everyone. No matter who you are, Dune Pro is a PC case that gives you limitless ways to personalize for your needs." We'll have to take the company at its word, but with no pricing available yet we'll have to see just how many people will be priced out of this thing. We've a sneaky suspicion it isn't going to be cheap.