East China woman pays $1,500 for iPhone, gets Apple-flavored yogurt

Apple Yoghurt
Apple Yoghurt (Image credit: Global Times)

What you need to know

  • A woman in East China has taken to Weibo after paying $1,500 for a carton of Apple-flavored yogurt.
  • She thought she was buying a 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max but was left sorely disappointed.

A woman in China has taken to Weibo after paying $1,500 for an iPhone 12 Pro Max that turned out to be yogurt.

From Global Times:

A woman in East China's Anhui Province drew wide attention on Fri after saying she had received a package with only a box of yogurt inside after buying an iPhone online.In a video spread on Weibo on Friday, the woman surnamed Liu said she spent 10,099 yuan ($1,563) to buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max (256G) on Apple's official website on February 16, only to receive a package with a box of apple-flavored yogurt inside two days later.

According to the report, Liu didn't get her package directly from the courier, but rather it was left in a parcel locker at her residence. An investigation has been launched, and local police believe the iPhone may have been stolen, perhaps in transit.

Whilst plenty of people have been scammed whilst buying Apple "products" second hand, it seems this lady purchased her iPhone directly from Apple and had it delivered by Express Mail Service. Both EMS and Apple issued responses saying they were looking into the incident.

Many commenters and at least one expert postulated that her package may have been pinched by a courier, or that she had mistakenly bought from a fake Apple website, one user noting "there are many copycat shopping sites" in the country. Given the fact that an Apple-flavored yogurt was left in the package instead of the iPhone, it seems no accident the device went missing.

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