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What you need to know

  • Ecobee has announced that Eco+ will soon begin to roll out to all of its customers.
  • Eco+ is a free upgrade for Ecobee Thermostats.
  • It includes humidity sensors, scheduling, time of use controls and more.

Ecobee has announced that it will soon begin to roll out its Eco+ upgrade to customers.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Eco+ is a free upgrade for Ecobee thermostats that improves efficiency.

Eco+ allows your Ecobee thermostat to adjust to your household's schedule, energy demand in your community and peak/off-peak pricing. For example, Eco+ can intelligently heat/cool your home at a time of day when electricity prices are low. Eco+ can detect fluctuations in indoor humidity to keep your house at your chosen comfortable temperature. It has a scheduling assistant to monitor your thermostat schedule and make recommendations as to how you can save, as well as detecting when you leave and enter your home and adjusting the temperature accordingly. All of this will allow Ecobee customers to continually manage the temperature of their home whilst reducing their own energy consumption, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

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Eco+ has 5 mains features, Feels Like, Schedule Assistant, Smart Home & Away, Time of Use and Community Energy Savings. Previously, Eco+ was only available to smart thermostat with voice control customers, now Ecobee says it plans to gradually make Eco+ available to all customers starting in early 2020.

However, if you're not patient enough for that, you can always try emailing Ecobee your thermostat's serial number, just in case you're eligible to upgrade sooner!

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A great thermostat with a lot of options.

With Amazon Alexa built-in and support for Apple's HomeKit, the ecobee SmartThermostat offers a lot of options for control and automation, along with room sensors that handily beat the competition.

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