Ecobee SmartcameraSource: ecobee

What you need to know

  • Ecobee has unveiled its new smart home products.
  • It has announced a new SmartCamera and SmartSensors.
  • It has also unveiled its new Haven platform for monitoring your devices.

Ecobee has today announced a new SmartCamera and SmartSensors, as well as a new Haven platform for monitoring your home security.

As reported by The Verge:

Smart thermostat maker Ecobee has announced its first indoor security camera, the $179 SmartCamera. The device is actually just one piece of a new home security platform, which the company calls Haven. In addition to the new SmartCamera, Ecobee is also introducing SmartSensor for doors and windows, a combination entrance and motion sensor that's not unlike Google's Nest Detect. The new SmartSensors will be sold in two-packs for $79. Both are available for purchase starting today.

Ecobee's SmartCamera comes with 1080p video and a 180-degree field of view, as well as built-in Alexa, two-way talk and night vision. Meanwhile, its new SmartSensors for doors and windows can give occupancy and entry alerts, have a contact sensor and are totally wireless! Both are part of Ecobee's new Haven security platform, which can be used to monitor both the sensors and your SmartCamera. Unlike some systems, Haven does not link directly to authorities such as the police and fire services. Instead, if any of your devices are triggered, you'll get a push notification from your phone, which can be used to trigger a siren within the camera. As noted in the report:

The Haven service, which includes monitoring, automatic arming and disarming, and 14 days of cloud storage for one camera, starts at $5 per month. A $10 per month option is available that provides storage for unlimited cameras, and both tiers have 30-day trials available.

Ecobee's SmartCamera with voice control costs $179, whilst a smart sensor is $79. They can also be purchased as part of several Ecobee bundles.