Ecobee3 update makes remote sensors HomeKit enabled.

Ecobee is rolling out an update for its ecobee3 smart Wi-Fi thermostat that enables HomeKit compatibility for its motion and temperature sensors. Now you can use the individual sensors as HomeKit-enabled accessories of their own, increasing your home automation possibilities!

ecobee3 smart thermostat remote sensor

When it comes to smart thermostats, I'll say this time and time again: Ecobee's ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat is the best money can buy. Not only is it HomeKit-enabled (a must for me), but it also features a handy trick that many other thermostats don't: remote room sensors that keep track of temperature and motion in different locations within your home. Why is this important? Because not all rooms are heated (or cooled) equally — the sensor helps your thermostat understand the actual temperature throughout your home, not just the area around your thermostat.

One thing that disappointed me about the ecobee3, though, was that the temperature and motion sensing capabilities were walled off from HomeKit and the iOS Home app. Ecobee must've heard me crying myself to sleep at night over it, 'cause they've updated their firmware to give users access to the motion and temperature sensors!

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If you have an ecobee3, keep your eyes peeled for firmware update (it's rolling out). In the meantime, you can plan some nifty new tricks for your smart home by checking out my piece on adding Automations with the iOS Home app. Think of the possibilities!

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And if you're still on the fence about which smart thermostat makes the most sense for your home, take it from me: You honestly cannot go wrong with the ecobee3.

Between the HomeKit compatibility and the remote sensors, it slides right on past the competition. It was incredibly easy to set up, too, which can be a bit of an issue for other smart thermostats out there.

If you're running iOS and you're looking to go smart with your HVAC, it's a no-brainer.

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