WD Passport connected to MacSource: WD

What you need to know

  • Macs complain when an external drive is powered off before being ejected.
  • Ejectify makes sure that doesn't happen and even remounts the drive afterward.

If you've ever woken your Mac from sleep and been faced with warnings about disconnecting drives before ejecting them, you'll know how irritating it is. Especially if you haven't actually disconnected anything and the drive just happens to be connected to a monitor that turned itself off. But you can stop all of that from happening by installing Ejectify.

The use case comes right out of developer Niels Mouthaan's own experience. His words:

So the problem is that when your Mac starts sleeping, your external display will typically automatically power itself off. Now when you have connected an external drive to the display (via its USB hub), it will be disconnected. When it wakes up, your Mac detects that the drive has been disconnected and shows this annoying message. This app prevents this by unmounting the volume(s) of the drive before your Mac (or screens) start sleeping and mounts them again when it wakes up. At least for me, it works perfectly 👍.

And it works for everyone else, too. Even better, this little slice of magic is available for download now for just $3. I'd argue you can't put a price on making that horrid error message never darken your door again, but I'll settle for $3.

You can configure when you want Ejectify to do its thing as well. Triggers include your screensaver starting, the screen going to sleep, and more. Waking your Mac or screens up will trigger the remounting process, too.

Ejectify works on macOS 10.12 and later.