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Election Day 2020 is finally here in the United States. When all the votes get counted, we're going to learn who the president will be for the next four years and who controls the House of Representatives and Senate for the next two. You don't necessarily have to be in front of a television tonight to see the returns come in. Instead, you can use your iPhone. Here's how.

NBC News app

The best option: NBC News app

The official app for NBC News is offering widgets for iOS 14 users. The widgets highlight the latest returns and whether a candidate has enough electoral votes to become president.

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Fox News App

Alternative solution: Fox News app

There's no right or left when it comes to election results. Because of this, we also recommend the Fox News app. Like NBC News, it also offers an iOS 14 widget. However, rather than posting the ongoing results, you'll see news headlines there.

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SmartNews App

No BS: SmartNews

If you're the type that wants to read the election headlines from both sides of the political divide, this is the app for you.

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CARROT Weather

Snarky conversation: CARROT Weather

The iconic CARROT Weather app is always reacting to current news. When a winner is declared (or not) tonight, you can be sure it will offer some interesting comments and reflections.

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Apple News

The native solution: Apple News

Your iPhone already has the Apple News app in place. Use it to pull election news for various sources and use the widget to stay up-to-date.

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Go Vote!

If you haven't yet done so, get out and vote. Once you do, get ready for a long night of watching election returns from your iPhone. Happy voting!

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