Enter this contest for a free iPhone 7 and some awesome cases to go with it!

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 7 in September. So, what better time to team up with VRS Design to give one of you a brand new phone AND an assortment of awesome cases for it? Keep reading for all the details on the prizes and how to get yourself entered!

THE PRIZE One grand prize winner will receive a brand new iPhone 7 and an assortment of VRS Design cases! Additionally, 2 runners-up will receive an assortment of VRS Design cases for the phone of their choice.

THE RULES Use the widget below to enter. There are several different options, and if you complete them all you'll have the maximum chance at winning! Please note, we DO verify the winning entries, so if you say you completed something, but you didn't actually do it, you'll be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen. The contest ends September 5th. We'll announce the winner here on iMore shortly after the closing date.

That's it! Good luck, everyone!

Enter this contest for a free iPhone 7 and some awesome cases to go with it!

Michelle Haag
  • I don't understand these new contests: when I try to enter, it tells me I've already logging into "Gleam." Don't know or remember what that is. So, what do I do to enter?
  • You just click each of the options in the widget, like "Visit VRS Design on Facebook", etc. Some of them require you to visit a page, follow an account, or answer a question. Hope that helps!
  • No, not really. I did that for option #3 and entered the case after looking at their web site. I entered my name and email and it said I was already login in to "Gleam." It didn't give me any other options or indicate that my entry was registered. Please advise.
  • Do I have to log into my FB account through your website or app to get entry credit? Or can I just follow iMore on FB through my FB app like I have done for sometime to get the entry credit?
  • Arman Ansari won of iPhone
  • Gmail account loing ki hai
  • Kab tak aayega date Bata aana chahiye.
  • Sometimes it's difficult to tell....this is one of those times.
  • Same here. I can't enter any contests. I'm not happy!
  • one more contest to take part in. Imore you are rocking as always. I really loved that they have published the iphone 7 cases even ebay is still not on the list. Good work Guys.. keep it up.
  • Awesome!
  • How awesome would it be to win it! Good luck people! Sent from the iMore App
  • Good luck all!
  • Nice quality cases and not overpriced at all. I am buying at least one whether I win or not.
  • looking forward for iPhone 7
  • i am ready to see what iphone 7 has in store. i love apple products and i'm always excited to see the latest and greatest product they have to offer. i looked at the cases being given away and the high pro series looks and sounds magnficent! i would love to be your winner for a new iphone
  • We love you iMore we do, We love you iMore we do ^_^ Yey! :D
  • I am really forward to an upgrade of my iPhone 5. Thank you iMore for your contests!
  • Well, since no one corrected my English, I'll do it.
    What I should have written was, "I am really look forward to an upgrade of my iPhone 5. Thank you iMore for your contests!"
    By the way, I realy like how we all beg for a new device without providing any upfront payment. Also, iMore has stickers? Can that be second place?
  • . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)
  • This is an excellent contest, thanks!! :)
  • I know i wont win !! But still giving a try ! ;) Sent from the iMore App
  • Just want to ask one question.. If I win this iPhone 7, will the provider ship my win to my country? My country is Marshall Islands. Thank You!
  • I really love imore
  • Winner winner..
  • Good luck :)
  • I can't imagine who else has great contests compared to iMore. This is great
  • The iPhone 7 is going to be an interesting. Think about it. Consumers are waiting for something new so they'll want to buy it, meaning that Apple must make the iPhone 7 as good as possible in this day and age.
  • Trying to space out my entries to hopefully get the best chance at winning. That feeling you have when you get a message from Michelle is indescribable ^_^ So much happiness and joy. Crossing Fingers. Need some iMore stickers for my Laptop :D
  • omg. i really want to win this. i'm really hoping to win this iPhone 7, so can move on from my near-to-broken iPhone 5. there's a fair chance for everyone to win so all i can do is pray that i'd be chosen for the grand prize! i really want and need a new phone and an iPhone 7 will bring me so much joy. Good Luck to everyone!!
  • Remember when we used to have to wait for Apple to reveal the design of a new product? Those were the days …
  • Let's see if Lady Luck smiles to me this time.
  • Ugh need this so much!
  • VRS's Genuine Leather Diary Series case looks awesome.
  • I was able to sign up to all, i hope i win:)
  • My Favourite would definitely be the "Genuine Leather Diary Series iPhone 7 " or the "Duo Guard Series iPhone 7" in Blue. Ah what a awesome feeling it would be to win this! ^_^ crossing fingers :D
  • is there any chances of winning an iphone7 for me?
  • Innovative experience.
  • I've never won any contests, but i would love to give it a try. Hope i win an iphone 7!! Best of luck to all!!:))
  • I would really love to win an iphone 7 and the casses are so dope i really love the bumper series case.Really looking forward to win.Good Luck To All.
  • This blog will clearly highlight all the details about winning a free Iphone7 which is going to launch in September. The write up contains all the details of the contest, starting from the rules till the prize for the winner.
  • Wow i can believe i actually finish all of them in 20 mins.i hope i'll win
  • I hope I win this I have like iPhone 4 and I really liked the new color for iPhone 7
  • I realy need this phone i have an iphone 4 with no service and im locked out of everthing and apple has tried realy hard on this new phone and i would give this website at least $30,000 if they gave this phone to me i realy want a phone like the iphone 7 because i rather not go to the apple store and pay $999 dollars because thats the only place its gonna be availble for like 1 year and everybody in my fanily has the iphone 6s plus and i need this phone i hope i win this phone thank you for reading and possibly giving me this phone please email me if i won!
  • This iphone 7 is comin fast i have never won a contest but why not give it a try i hope i win. Good luck to all Sent from the iMore app
  • first billion thanx to the site to give us this chance and i hope to be lucky with this honest company
  • who one
  • Anyone know when they will announce the winner? I really hope I win. I never win anything. :(
  • Hey thanks for alowing me to have chance to play in the contest my moms always tell there nothing free in this world ill be to price here wrong for once
  • who won?
  • i dream to have
    an i phone mobile
  • Sometimes I wish we all could win
  • But that's how things work
  • How do we know who won
  • Fantastic contest and great people
  • well,i m very first in this contest i hope i will win iphone
  • Well, at the beginning, I thank you for this site .. So I do not understand everything about it .. But what do you mean by my choice? Do you mean what I would choose from awards or what? If so, I chose iPhone 7
  • I feel like these are really believable and truthfully