London Underground 4g InstallationSource: TfL

What you need to know

  • Full 4G coverage is coming to the London Underground before the end of 2024.
  • The system will be ready for 5G as well.

Those frequenting the London Underground will be able to enjoy full 4G coverage by the end of 2024, it has been announced. This comes after a successful pilot saw the Jubillee line gain 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile services.

Announced via a Transport for London press release, the news sees local mayor Sadiq Khan fulfill a promise to give commuters 4G connectivity throughout the Tube network.

I promised Londoners that if they re-elected me for a second term as Mayor I would deliver 4G throughout the Tube network. It's already up and running on the eastern half of the Jubilee line and I'm delighted to announced today that I am fulfilling that commitment and full internet access will be available across the Tube, with key central London stations such as Oxford Circus and Euston set to benefit before the end of next year

Alongside giving travelers access to 4G connectivity, the fiber being installed into the London Underground will also be used to connect buildings as well, providing high-speed internet access where it previously might not have been available.

London's Tube tunnels will also be used to provide full fibre connectivity across the city, which can then be connected to buildings and street assets like street lighting and bus stops.

The new system will be 5G-ready when cellular carriers are ready and five million passengers per day are expected to benefit from the move to bring fast data connections to underground travel. Anyone carrying an iPhone 12 or newer will be able to enjoy 5G speeds when the system is ready for it, too.

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