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What you need to know

  • The Eve for HomeKit app has added an option to add HomeKit setup codes to the HomePass app.
  • The option appears during the accessory pairing process.
  • HomePass app syncs HomeKit codes through iCloud.

Released earlier this week, an updated version (4.2.1) of the Eve for HomeKit app has added support for adding HomeKit setup codes to HomePass. HomePass is a popular third-party HomeKit app that specializes in keeping all of your HomeKit setup codes in one location, and keeps them in sync across all of your iOS devices.

In the latest update, the Eve for HomeKit app will now present users with an "Add to HomePass" button during the HomeKit accessory pairing process. Upon selecting the new option, users will see a prompt to open the HomePass app. Opening the app will instantly transfer over most of the details surrounding the accessory to HomePass, including device name, room, and serial number.

Eve For Homekit Homepass IntegrationSource: iMore

Unfortunately, due to limitations with HomeKit, the Eve for HomeKit app cannot pass the actual HomeKit pairing code over automatically. Users must manually enter the code in to the new accessory prompt either via typing in the numbers, or by scanning with the camera option. While it is not perfect, this new integration makes storing codes part of the accessory pairing process, which is just one less step to remember later.

The Eve for HomeKit app, while designed for use with HomeKit accessories from Eve Systems, works with all HomeKit devices. The app is a favorite of power users for its ability to create automations that are not yet available in Apple's Home app. The app and the latest update are available for free on the AppStore.

HomePass for HomeKit is available as a one-time download for $2.99 on the AppStore. The app is also available as part of the HomeKit Essentials Bundle which packages 4 favorites including HomeCam, and the Apple Watch companion HomeRun.

Code keeper

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A HomeKit must

HomePass is a must-have app for those that have tons of HomeKit accessories around the home. This app stores all of your HomeKit pairing codes, making them just a few taps away on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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