Every new HomeKit-supported device announced at CES 2020

Eve Cam on a bookshelf
Eve Cam on a bookshelf (Image credit: Eve)

While it may not have the sheer amount of accessories available as its competitors, Apple's HomeKit smart home platform provides users with an unmatched mix of privacy and convenience. With a limited selection of accessories and manufacturers to choose from, CES is one of the few times a year where HomeKit fans get to join in on all of the smart home fun.

No accessory category sums up the lack of options in the world of HomeKit better than cameras. Whether it's traditional indoor/outdoor cameras or video doorbells, there are only a handful currently available. Thankfully, this looks like it could be changing soon as this year's CES seems to be all about connected HomeKit cameras. Here are all of the accessories that could become part of your scenes and automations before the year's end.

Abode Smart Indoor/Outdoor Camera - Available Q1 2020

Abode smart camera mounted on a wall

Abode smart camera mounted on a wall (Image credit: Abode)

The Abode Smart Indoor/Outdoor Camera is a clever take on the traditional connected camera. This versatile accessory can protect your home while sitting on a shelf, mounted on a wall, or as a replacement for a doorbell. Abode's camera can see it all with its wide-angle lens, and it features IP65 weather resistance, making it a great option both indoors and out.

If you own one of the Abode's security alarm systems, the camera will slot right alongside your other accessories, ready to keep an eye on your home in-tandem with the various sensors that you may already have in your home. Don't worry if you don't have an Abode system already though, this camera can work completely on its own, allowing you to get a taste of the company's hardware without making a full-blown commitment to an alarm.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Availability TBD

Black and gray variants of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Black and gray variants of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Image credit: August)

August is releasing a new version of its smart lock that retains its same iconic design, but shrinks things down by quite a bit. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45% smaller in total volume, and 20% slimmer, allowing it to be installed on doors with tight accents such as large windows with trim.

The latest smart lock also simplifies connectivity to all of the voice assistants, including HomeKit, by housing all of the necessary hardware inside of the lock, ditching the need for a separate hub. August hasn't provided exact pricing or shipping as of yet, other than it is coming at some point in 2020.

Blue By ADT Smart Doorbell - Available Late January 2020

Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera in pearl gray color

Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera in pearl gray color (Image credit: ADT)

ADT's DIY smart home line Blue is launching a suite of security cameras that will support HomeKit after the initial launch. The company's Smart Doorbell includes all of the connected ringer essentials such as 2-way audio, weather resistance, motion zones, and notifications.

Even though it falls under the ADT umbrella, a subscription is not required for this hardwired doorbell. Of course, ADT does offer additional cloud storage if needed. The company also has a companion doorbell chime that works not only as a way to give you an audible clue that someone is at your door, but it also extends the doorbell's wireless range.

$199 at Blue

Blue By ADT Outdoor Camera - Available Late January 2020

Blue by ADT Indoor Camera in pearl gray

Blue by ADT Indoor Camera in pearl gray (Image credit: ADT)

The Blue By ADT Outdoor Camera packs in the same weather resistance as the company's doorbell, but does so in a more conventional package. This camera looks just like any other, however, it is completely wireless, running on an internal rechargeable battery.

Video resolution is listed as 1080p HD, which should offer clear and crisp visuals from its 130-degree wide-angle lens. Just like with the Blue by ADT doorbell, cloud storage subscriptions are available, however, the company provides 24 hours of storage for free, and it can save videos locally onto an SD card.

$199 at Blue

Blue By ADT Indoor Camera - Available Late January 2020

Blue by ADT Indoor Camera in pearl gray

Blue by ADT Indoor Camera in pearl gray (Image credit: ADT)

Rounding out Blue by ADT's offering is an indoor camera that functions just like you would expect of an indoor camera, giving you eyes on your home from anywhere around the world. While it records video in 1080p and has 2-way audio, the real star of the show is the stuff that you can't see.

The Blue by ADT Indoor Camera can listen in for additional alarms in your home, sending you notifications if your smoke detector is activated. Even if the power goes out in your home, you can still be covered, as there is also a small back-up battery housed inside, keeping things running for a short time.

$199 at Blue

Bosch Smart Home Accessories - Availability TBD

Bosch smart thermostat on a wall in a living room environment

Bosch smart thermostat on a wall in a living room environment (Image credit: Bosch)

Bosch has been one of HomeKit's biggest holdouts since the introduction of the smart home platform, but things will be changing this year. The global appliance giant announced at CES that it is opening up its Bosch Smart Home System to support select partners, including HomeKit.

Specific accessories for HomeKit have not yet been announced, but we suspect that we will see cameras, thermostats, and lighting hit our homes first. It remains to be seen whether or not the company's range of appliances such as ovens will be brought over, but HomeKit does not currently support these types of categories so it may be a while before that happens.

Eve Energy Smart Plug - Available February 4th, 2020

Eve Energy Smart Plug on a white background

Eve has been one of Apple's oldest HomeKit partners, with the company's original Eve Energy smart plug being one of the first such device for the platform. While the original Eve Energy can still perform all of the same functions as newer smart plugs, the company's first entry was rather bulky, preventing it from being used in scenarios with another device plugged into the same outlet.

Eve is correcting this design flaw with its newest Eve Energy smart plug. The new compact Eve Energy still sports the classic all-white plastic design and uses a local Bluetooth only connection to your HomeKit hub. The updated model also includes energy monitoring within the Eve for HomeKit app.

$40 at Amazon

Eve Water Guard - Available February 11, 2020

Water guard

Water guard (Image credit: Eve)

As it's name implies, the Eve Water Guard monitors any area that you place it in for potential leaks. The Water Guard works using a 6 and a half foot wire sensor cable that is placed on the surface around potential hot spots such as water heater. This allows the actual brains of the unit to sit far away from liquid, and is plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

If water is detected by the cable, a notification will be sent from either the Eve for HomeKit app, or the Home app installed on your phone. If that wasn't enough, the Water Guard also includes a powerful 100 decibel siren and indicator light to ensure that you are always aware even without your phone.

$80 at Eve

Eve Cam - Available April 2020

Eve Cam next to an iPhone on a white background

Eve Cam next to an iPhone on a white background (Image credit: Eve)

Seeing that Eve is one of the most recognizable HomeKit accessory manufacturers, it was only a matter of time until they jumped into the world of security cameras. The Eve Cam, coming this April, continues the company's focus on providing privacy-centric connected accessories.

The Eve Cam is the first HomeKit camera built explicitly for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video feature in mind. This allows the camera to work without any cloud servers being involved, as video comes in locally through your HomeKit hub. Eve also touts that the camera does not require any kind of account or registration at all, and your video never touches the cloud in any way.

Legrand with Netatmo Drivia Smart Electric Panel - Available Q1 2020

Legrand with Netatmo Drivia Smart Electric Panel

Legrand with Netatmo Drivia Smart Electric Panel (Image credit: Legrand)

Legrand is bringing HomeKit to your home's electrical panel with the introduction of the Drivia system in partnership with Netatmo. Yep, you read that right, this HomeKit accessory installs directly into your circuit breaker box, which almost definitely requires a call to an electrician.

The Drivia system is comprised of 6 units, including a contactor, relay, gateway and more. Being installed directly at your home's panel allows it to monitor energy consumption for everything that is plugged in around the house. The Drivia also enables owners to toggle power to a complete leg of electrical power to your home, which could be useful if you forgot to turn something off, but don't have it on a smart plug.

LG 8K Televisions - Availability TBD

LG OLED TV in a living room setting

LG OLED TV in a living room setting (Image credit: LG)

Not to be outdone by Sony, LG has also announced its new lineup of 8K capable televisions. LG's offerings include OLED panels that go all the way up to a massive 88 inches wide, and of course support HomeKit, allowing them to work within your scenes and automations.

Along with HomeKit controls, these TV's support AirPlay 2, enabling them to work in tandem with other speakers in your home. This makes creating a surround sound setup as easy as a few taps in Control Center, putting every one of your AirPlay 2 speakers in sync.

LIFX Candle White - Available Spring 2020

LIFX Candle White in an open lamp fixture

LIFX Candle White in an open lamp fixture (Image credit: LIFX)

LIFX's recently released color candelabra style bulb was their first bulb in the smaller form factor that is usually found in ceiling fans and chandeliers. However, even though it was its first candelabra size bulb, it featured a unique candlelight effect through its "Polychrome technology".

Polychrome technology splits the LEDs inside of the bulb into separate zones, offering a way to display multiple colors at a time. With its newly unveiled white version of the bulb, the company is using the same tech although this time it will glow between different shades of white.

LIFX Filament - Available Spring 2020

LIFX filament bulbs installed in a pendant light

LIFX filament bulbs installed in a pendant light (Image credit: LIFX)

LIFX has jumped on the filament style light bulb craze with its latest white light bulb. The faux filament bulb is completely dimmable, but only provides one color temperature which is a warm white at 2700K.

While LIFX has only shown off one particular style of filament bulb, they do say that other shapes are in the works. The filament bulb will retail for $30 when they hit stores in the spring.

LIFX Z-TV 360 and Z Gamer Light Strips - Available Spring 2020

LIFX-Z light strips installed behind a television

LIFX-Z light strips installed behind a television (Image credit: LIFX)

Along with filament style LED bulbs, bias lighting seems to have hit the mainstream market, so naturally, LIFX wants to provide their take on the category. LIFX has introduced two light strip kits, both of which are designed to attach directly to the back of your screens.

The LIFX Z-TV 360 and Z-Gamer Light Strips look like your typical strip light, but these have a clever touch that should make them much simpler to install. Instead of fumbling with cutting strips down to length and purchasing third party connectors that may or may not work, LIFX's strips are pre-cut to TV sizes and come with neat corner pieces that make 90 degree angles much cleaner.

LIFX Switch - Available Spring 2020

LIFX Switches in black and white on a white surface

LIFX Switches in black and white on a white surface (Image credit: LIFX)

Everyone that has followed LIFX has pretty much known that the company would eventually make its way into the connected light switch market at some point. So it is of no surprise that the LIFX Switch was announced as coming soon at CES this year.

Instead of replacing a single switch like most options on the market, the company's first offering is designed to replace the larger 4-gang switch boxes in your wall. Since it is replacing 4 switches, the price is a little steep, coming in at $120 later this year.

Lutron Caseta Wireless Motion Sensor - Available Febuary 2020

Caseta Motion Sensor in front of a bedroom setting

Caseta Motion Sensor in front of a bedroom setting (Image credit: Lutron)

The Caseta Wireless line from Lutron is one of our favorite lighting accessories thanks to its rock-solid reliability and lighting quick response times. We love the system so much, that we wished that the company branched out to other product categories, which just so happens to be what Lutron announced at this year's CES.

As its name suggests, Lutron's Caseta Wireless Smart Motion Sensor acts as a hands-free way to toggle on and off our lights based on activity within a room. Lutron states that their sensor is up to 3 times faster than competing sensors, and can pick up motion up to 60 feet away. The best part though? this motion sensor also works with the company's HomeKit enabled Serena window shades.

Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons - Available Spring 2020

Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons

Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons (Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Announced at CES a year ago, Nanoleaf's Unified Hexagon light panels are finally set for release in the spring of 2020. The 6 sided hexagon design provides more opportunities for panel placement than its predecessors, allowing them to function as both a piece of art, and just as neat decorative lighting.

As with Nanoleaf's Canvas line of light panels, each Unified Hexagon tile reacts completely to touch. And while not specifically mentioned, this could mean that each tile could act as a HomeKit button either at launch or down the road, giving owners a crazy amount of options when picking up a set.

Nanoleaf Smart Learning Series - Available Spring 2020

Nanoleaf learning series line of accesories on a blue background

Nanoleaf learning series line of accesories on a blue background (Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Nanoleaf's Smart Learning Series is a suite of accessories that the company claims reacts to each other using various sensors and algorithms to learn from your preferences and needs. While specifics are scarce at the moment, potential accessories in the line include a smart light switch, light bulbs, buttons, and what looks to be a motion sensor.

All of these accessories seem to be standards within the smart home world, but Nanoleaf is positioning its latest technology as being the "anti-smart bulb" as they feel that current methods are not truly smart.

Netatmo Smart Door Lock - Available 2nd Half of 2020

Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys

Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys (Image credit: Netatmo)

Netatmo's Smart Door Lock is a sleek lock that not only looks good, but it also houses some serious smarts. This door lock uses Bluetooth and NFC for a strictly local connection that doesn't connect to the cloud, but with the power of HomeKit, you can still access it remotely if needed.

Included with the lock are "smart keys" which look somewhat like a traditional barrel type key, however, they are not "keyed" for a specific lock and all have the same design. The magic behind this is built-in NFC, which allows the keys to activate any door lock that it is assigned to. This means you can keep the same key and use it for all of the locks that you may have around the house.

OneLife PureOne Air Purifier - Availability TBD

OneLife PureOne air purifier in multiple finishes

OneLife PureOne air purifier in multiple finishes (Image credit: OneLife)

OneLife has introduced an air purifier that according to the company "removes more harmful substances — including the smallest PM 1.0 particles — than any other air purifier". The purifier has a clean modern design to go along with the ability to work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Features include a sleep mode for quiet operation at night, as well as an automatic mode that ramps up or down according to the amount of particulates in the air. The included filter can be rinsed out when needed, and even can survive trips through a dishwasher for easy cleaning. Like most CES announcements, pricing and availability have not yet been disclosed.

Philips Hue Resonate - Available Late January 2020

Philips Hue Resonate in both black and stainless steel options

Philips Hue Resonate in both black and stainless steel options (Image credit: Signify)

Even though the Resonate light come in a rectangular form factor, these outdoor lights actually create triangles of light. What's more is that the light from them comes out both the top and bottom creating a distinct look.

The Hue Resonate will be available in both a black and stainless steel finish when released later this month. The only downside? They will only be available in European markets.

Philips Hue Appear - Available Late January 2020

Philips Hue Appear on a white background

Philips Hue Appear on a white background (Image credit: Signify)

Just like the Resonate, the Hue Appear projects beams of triangular light from both sides of the outdoor fixture. The Appear however takes on a skinnier cylindrical frame and will only be available in black.

The Appear will be available starting in late January in Europe with a suggested retail price of €139. This light will also make its way to North America starting in mid-March.

Philips Hue Attract - Available Late January 2020

Philips Hue Attract downlight on a white background

Philips Hue Attract downlight on a white background (Image credit: Signify)

Another Europe exclusive is the Hue Attract which features a classic downlight design. This outdoor light has an open glass shade which provides an "arc of light" against the wall that it is mounted to.

The attract will be available at the end of the month, and will have a retail price of €149.

Philips Hue Lily XL - Available Late January 2020

Philips Hue Lily XL spotlight on a white background

Philips Hue Lily XL spotlight on a white background (Image credit: Signify)

An updated version of the popular outdoor spot light, the Lily XL has also been announced. This larger version include a more powerful spotlight, creating a dramatic effect wherever it is aimed at.

The Lily XL will be available in Europe first, launching in late January, and a North American release will follow in mid-March.

Philips Hue Daylo - Available Late January 2020

Philips Hue Daylo in both black and stainless steel finishes

Philips Hue Daylo in both black and stainless steel finishes (Image credit: Signify)

Coming at the end of January, the Hue Daylo is a circular outdoor fixture that comes in both black and stainless steel options. These lights mount directly to a wall which gives it a truly unique look.

Another European exclusive, these lights will start at €114 and €119 depending on the finish.

Philips Hue Impress - Available Late January 2020

Philips Hue Impress plug in version on a white background

Philips Hue Impress plug in version on a white background (Image credit: Signify)

The newest Philips Hue Impress model features the same design as before, however, this time it comes in a low-voltage option.

Going the low-voltage route allows the Impress to be installed simply by plugging it in, forgoing wiring or a call to an electrician. Look for these in European markets starting later this month.

Philips Hue Nyro - Available April 2020

Philips Hue Nyro in both wall mount and pedestal options

Philips Hue Nyro in both wall mount and pedestal options (Image credit: Signify)

The Hue Nyro outdoor light comes in both wall mounted and pedestal options, each sharing an all-black angular downlight design.

Both Nyro variants will be available at the end of April, but again, is only being marketed within Europe at this time. Pricing starts at €119 for the wall light, and €149 for the pedestal.

Philips Hue Econic Pedestal - Available March 2020

Philips Hue Econic pathlight on a white background

Philips Hue Econic pathlight on a white background (Image credit: Signify)

A North America exclusive path light, dubbed the Hue Econic Pedestal, brings the smarts to one of the outdoor staples. These low voltage lights are smaller than the original but still retain the lantern like design.

Available starting in mid-March, the Econic Pedestal will come in a base kit for $149, and an extension kit for $129, but the company did not actually specify the exact number of lights are included in each.

Sengled Smart Hub - Availability TBD

Sengled light bulbs alongside smart hub

Sengled light bulbs alongside smart hub (Image credit: Sengled)

While HomeKit already has quite the line up of lighting products available, the addition of Sengled to the mix adds in quality accessories that are affordably priced. Sengled's smart LED lighting has been around for a while now, and a new HomeKit enabled hub can bring them all into the Home app.

The Sengled 3rd generation hub utilizes ZigBee for fast, reliable connections to light bulbs, light strips, and plugs without bogging down your Wi-Fi network. Although specifics regarding its release date were not announced, the latest update to the company's smart home app details how to set everything up with HomeKit, suggesting it may come sooner rather than later.

Sony 8K Televisions - Availability TBD

Sony TV with Apple TV app on display

Sony TV with Apple TV app on display (Image credit: Sony)

Sony's latest high-end OLED televisions crank things up to the glory that is known as 8K. Even more impressive though, is that Sony is making OLED available in a smaller size, all the way down to 48 inches, which for some reason seems to be one of the hardest things to do for TV manufacturers.

As good as the visuals can be on these sets, the star of the show for us is HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support. This enables possibilities such as telling Siri to turn up the volume or to change the channel with just a shout to a HomePod or an iOS device.

TandemLED Adjustable White Tape Light - Available January 15th 2020

TandemLED Tape Light packaging

TandemLED Tape Light packaging (Image credit: TandemLED)

TandemLED CES debut came with several lighting products that play well with HomeKit through a connection to a Philips Hue hub. The company's tape light comes in the longest size that we have seen for the category, 16.4 feet.

The adjustable part of the light strip refers to its white color temperature which ranges from 2700K to 500K. This light strip also features an IP65 water resistant coating, as well as customizable sizing with sections that can be cut every inch.

$134 at TandemLED

TandemLED Lux Puck Light - Available January 15th 2020

TandemLED Lux Puck Light in silver

TandemLED Lux Puck Light in silver (Image credit: TandemLED)

TandemLED's Lux Puck Lights are a compact option for shelves and under-cabinet installations which come in both white and silver finishes. Like TandemLED's light strip, these lights have adjustable white color temperatures, and can provide up to 300 lumens of brightness.

The Lux Puck Lights will be offered in jut one size, 2.57 inches, and will be available starting on January 15th for around $40 each.

$40 at TandemLED

TandemLED AC Smart Receiver - Available January 15th 2020

TandemLED AC Receiver packaging

TandemLED AC Receiver packaging (Image credit: TandemLED)

The AC Smart Receiver from TandemLED can give your existing lighting a smart assistant upgrade. This tiny receiver installed behind your wall outlets, giving them the smarts without a bulky plug hanging from it.

This design also allows the receiver to work in outdoor settings, powering devices up to 100 watts. Look for this clever solution starting in mid-January.

$119 at TandemLED

Votion Smart Outlet - Availability TBD

Votion smart plug on a white background

Votion smart plug on a white background (Image credit: Votion)

The Votion Smart Outlet, offers convenient control over any device that is plugged into it. The plug utilizes Wi-Fi for a direct connection to your home network, enabling it to work with HomeKit scenes and automations.

The plug also features energy monitoring capabilities as well as a status indicator ring and manual toggle button on the front of the unit.

Votion Light Switches - Availability TBD

Votion 1-way light switch on a white background

Votion 1-way light switch on a white background (Image credit: Votion)

These switches cover both 1 and 2-way installations, but dimming may not be along for the ride. Like the company's smart outlet, they connect to all of the voice assistants, including HomeKit, using Wi-Fi without a hub.

Both light switches can also utilize NFC, which is built-in, allowing users to pair them with a simple tap of their phone. Pricing and availability has not yet been announced.

Votion LED Light Strip Controller - Availability TBD

Votion light strip and controller module

Votion light strip and controller module (Image credit: Votion)

Details surrounding Votion's LED Light Strip Controller are scarce, but it looks to be more of a traditional light strip and not a box that you connect to an existing device.

The company mentions colorful scenes and automations but important specs such as brightness and potential weather resistance are not available.

Votion Door and Window - Availability TBD

Votion Door & Window sensor on a white background

Votion Door & Window sensor on a white background (Image credit: Votion)

Votion's Door and Window sensor is a standard 2 piece contact sensor that attaches directly to a door or window. The sensor uses magnets to determine whether or not things are open or closed and will notify users if an event occurs.

The sensor runs on 2 AA batteries and uses Bluetooth 5 to connect to HomeKit for a secure local connection.

Votion Motion Sensor - Availability TBD

Votion Motion Sensor with illuminated LED light

Votion Motion Sensor with illuminated LED light (Image credit: Votion)

This motion sensor from Votion is a surface mountable compact unit that keeps an eye on its surroundings. If motion occurs, it can put automations into place that can light up the area, or send a notification.

Votion's sensor also includes an onboard LED light which sounds like a handy way to add some path lighting around the home. The sensor is completely wireless running on just 3 AAA batteries.

Votion Water Leak Sensor - Availability TBD

Votion Water Leak Sensor

Votion Water Leak Sensor (Image credit: Votion)

Another one of Votion's accessories include a water leak sensor that works just like it sounds. Simply place this compact little accessory near a potential hot spot and you will get notified if water touches it.

This tiny sensor talks to HomeKit over Bluetooth 5, and since it is powered by batteries, you can toss it just about anywhere to get a little extra peace of mind.

Votion Smart Magnetic Door Lock Controller - Availability TBD

Votion Magnetic Door Lock Controller

Votion Magnetic Door Lock Controller (Image credit: Votion)

Not much is known about this sensor, other than it attaches directly to glass doors to keep them safe and secure. If it somehow is able to work its magic on sliding doors, then it could potentially solve one of the bigger problems for the smart home.

We will definitely be keeping our eyes on this one for any other details that come our way.

Votion Smart Breaker Switch - Availability TBD

Votion Breaker Switch

Votion Breaker Switch (Image credit: Votion)

As its name implies, the Votion Smart Breaker Switch installs directly into your electrical or "breaker" panel. Once installed, the switch gives you the power to turn off parts of your home remotely, and not just one specific plug.

The Smart Breaker Switch could also help with energy savings, helping to isolate parts of the home to track down a large consumer.

Votion Smart Water Valve - Availability TBD

Votion Water Valve

Votion Water Valve (Image credit: Votion)

Votion's Smart Water Valve attaches directly to a standard hose or spigot to give you control over your watering needs.

Since it uses a pretty universal hose connector, you can attach sprinklers and irrigation lines that can work with any automations or scenes that you build with HomeKit.

Votion Soil Sensor - Availability TBD

Votion Soil Sensor

Votion Soil Sensor (Image credit: Votion)

This smart sensor installs directly into any spot in your lawn or garden to give you a better idea of when to water. We are not quite sure how HomeKit handles this type of sensor so it will be interesting to see when it is released.

Let's just hope that it can somehow work with the company's water valve though. Having your water needs taken care of completely autonomouosly would just be all sorts of cool.

Waciao Smart Gateway - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Gateway

Waciao Smart Gateway (Image credit: Waciao)

The Waciao Smart Gateway is the brains that connects some of the company's low powered accessories to HomeKit. The gateway utilizes ZigBee wireless connectivity which is known for providing fast response times and high levels of reliability.

The gateway has an operating distance of around 400 feet and plugs either directly into a home router, or via Wi-Fi.

Waciao Smart Air Quality Monitor- Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Air Quality Monitor

Waciao Smart Air Quality Monitor (Image credit: Waciao)

Waciao's Smart Air Quality Monitor works in combination with the company's gateway to report on the air within the home. The front of the monitor has a small display, providing glanceable information.

Although exact measurement capabilities have not yet been announced, we expect to see the ability to ask Siri for a generalized reading of the situation, which should reply with terms such as "fair" or "unhealthy".

Waciao Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Waciao Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor (Image credit: Waciao)

Another part of the company's gateway required lineup is a smart sensor that can give owners a heads up if high levels of carbon monoxide is detected in the home.

No further information such as a potential release date or exact pricing has been shared by the company.

Waciao Smart Smoke Sensor - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Smoke Sensor

Waciao Smart Smoke Sensor (Image credit: Waciao)

Just as with the Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector, Waciao's Smoke Sensor monitors a home for potential threats from a fire. Although it has not been disclosed, we expect to see an onboard siren, and potentially some indicator lights.

The Smart Smoke Sensor is listed for $59 currently on Waciao's website, but we suspect that this is just a placeholder price.

Waciao Smart Door Sensor - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Door Sensor

Waciao Smart Door Sensor (Image credit: Waciao)

Waciao's Smart Door Sensor attaches to doors and windows around the home to provide notifications when the object that it is attached to opens or closes.

As with most contact sensors, we expect to see a tape mounting option available, which could make installation as simple as peel and stick.

Waciao Smart Motion Sensor - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Motion Sensor

Waciao Smart Motion Sensor (Image credit: Waciao)

Waciao has not shared details surrounding its motion sensor, other than it requires the Smart Gateway for operation.

Since it will utilize ZigBee for its connection, we assume that it will be powered by replaceable batteries.

Waciao Smart Scene Switch - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Scene Switch

Waciao Smart Scene Switch (Image credit: Waciao)

The Smart Scene Switch features a clean white circular design with 4 action labels on its front. Waciao mentions easy installation, which suggests that it will be completely wireless.

Since it is listed as a HomeKit accessory, it should have the ability to trigger scenes and perhaps multiple button actions, such as double and long presses.

Waciao Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Waciao Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Image credit: Wacaio)

This small gray and white accessory covers both temperature and humidity measurements in the home.

Not much else is known at this time, but it again requires the company's gateway for operation.

Waciao Smart Water Leakage Sensor - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Water Leakage Sensor

Waciao Smart Water Leakage Sensor (Image credit: Waciao)

The last of Waciao's gateway series of accessories is designed to sense any potential leaks in the area that it is placed within.

The Smart Water Leakage Sensor features a two-piece design, with a probe attached via a wire for place near hotspots. This keeps the brains of the unit away from potential harm.

Waciao Smart LED Bulb - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart LED Bulb

Waciao Smart LED Bulb (Image credit: Waciao)

Waciao's Smart LED Bulb is a standard dimmable E26/Edison base light bulb that produces both colors and whites.

Specs for the bulb show that it can reach up to 630 lumens of brightness using a maximum of 7 watts of power.

Waciao Smart Wall Switches - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Wall Switches

Waciao Smart Wall Switches (Image credit: Waciao)

Coming to both North American and China, Waciao's series of light switches span multiple configurations. These in-wall switches come in single, dual, or three button versions, capable of controlling separate light fixtures.

The North American versions of the switches look to have a sleek minimalistic design with small buttons located near the center, while the models for China utilize a more traditional rocker design.

Waciao Smart Outlets - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Outlets

Waciao Smart Outlets (Image credit: Waciao)

Also coming to both North America and China, Waciao's smart outlets connect directly to Wi-Fi bypassing the need for the company's gateway.

For the North American market, Waciao is showing off a single and dual version, both with a slim compact all white design. The single smart outlet is listed as providing energy monitoring, in addition to standards like scheduling.

Waciao Smart Roller Blind - Availability TBD

Waciao Smart Roller Blind

Waciao Smart Roller Blind (Image credit: Waciao)

Waciao's Smart Roller Blind works with beaded chain window coverings to automate opening and closing. Installation looks like it could as simple as wrapping an existing chain into the motor housing and powering it up.

According to Waciao, this accessory will work with roll shades, combi blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roman shades, and curtains.

Waciao Video Doorbell - Availability TBD

Waciao Video Doorbell

Waciao Video Doorbell (Image credit: Waciao)

This HomeKit enabled doorbell provides push notifications and the ability to view live video when someone is at the door.

Two way-audio is also available, allowing users to communicate with visitors without having to get out of their seats. It is not yet known if it requires existing wiring or if it can run strictly on a rechargeable battery.

Waciao Wireless Indoor Camera - Availability TBD

Waciao Wireless Indoor Camera

Waciao Wireless Indoor Camera (Image credit: Waciao)

Featuring a unique egg-like design, the Waciao Wireless Indoor Camera keeps an eye on things through HomeKit. This camera supports 1080p HD video, 2-way audio with an onboard speaker, and night vision.

According to its specs, the camera can utilize local storage, up to a maximum of 128GB on a TF card in addition to cloud storage. Exact pricing and availability is not yet known.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug - Available Spring 2020

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug on a white background

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug on a white background (Image credit: Belkin)

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug for HomeKit was already one of the smallest options around, and now, Belkin has taken things even further with an even smaller version. This extra-small profile allows it to remotely control your accessories without blocking the other outlet on your wall.

In addition to HomeKit support, the Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug also plays nicely with Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant. This truly universal plug also comes with a small price tag, starting at just $24.99 when it ships in the spring of this year.

Wemo Stage - Available Summer 2020

Wemo Stage remote detached from wall plate

Wemo Stage remote detached from wall plate (Image credit: Belkin)

Announced alongside Belkin's updated smart plug, the Wemo Stage is a handy remote capable of setting your favorite HomeKit scenes and more. The Wemo Stage is a tiny 3 button remote that can install into Wemo light switch plates, or standard Decora-style plates giving them a clean appearance alongside your existing light switches.

Of course, being a remote, the Wemo Stage detaches from the wall-plate, and can simply be placed at the perfect spot around your home. Also, even though it only has 3 buttons, the Stage can actually support up to 6 different scenes enabling tons of different ways to control your gear.

Yale Smart Safe - Available Spring 2020

Yale Smart Safe with an open door

Yale Smart Safe with an open door (Image credit: Yale)

Yale's Smart Safe offers a secure way to store valuables, and other important items. The safe can simply be placed anywhere around the home, or it can be bolted directly to a floor or a wall for maximum security.

Smart connectivity features include the ability to lock and unlock it remotely, either through Bluetooth or a separate bridge. The Yale Smart Safe will start at $229 when it is released in the Spring, and a bundle that includes the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge will be available for $279.

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock - Available Spring 2020

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock on a white background

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock on a white background (Image credit: Yale)

Even though its name only includes cabinets, this smart lock from Yale can also work with drawers. This compact lock can be secured using double-sided tape, or for a more permanent solution, using mounting screws, both included in the box.

Other features include a glow in the dark emergency button, and remote access plus notifications via the Yale Access app and Wi-Fi Bridge. The Smart Cabinet Lock will retail for $79 when it hits stores in the Spring.

Yale Smart Delivery Box - Available Spring 2020

Yale Smart Deliery Box on a white background

Yale Smart Deliery Box on a white background (Image credit: Yale)

Rounding out Yale's CES announcements is the company's Smart Delivery Box. This $229 box keeps your home deliveries safe through auto-locking functionality, which secures packages inside once it is opened.

Optional features include an insulated cooler, and a motion activated LED interior light. Of course the real star of the show is the smart features, which include notifications, access sharing, and remote locking/unlocking capabilities.

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