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Capcom recently announced that today's Monster Hunter Digital Event would showcase new information surrounding Monster Hunter Rise's upcoming paid DLC expansion, Sunbreak. Here's everything announced during the March 2022 Monster Hunter Digital Event.

If you happened to miss the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak presentation, you can watch it below.

New trailer

The new trailer revealed that Sunbreak will release globally on June 30, 2022. The Sunbreak expansion will continue to get free title updates even after its release. No information on Sunbreak's price is available yet.

New areas

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New LocationSource: Capcom (screenshot)

Players can explore a new area called The Citadel, featuring new endemic life like enhanced Spiribugs and Spiders.

New monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak GarangolmSource: Capcom (screenshot)

Garangolm is a primate-like monster that can attack with both fire and water element attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak LunagaronSource: Capcom (screenshot)

Lunagaron is a fanged wyvern that uses ice-type attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Blood Orange BishatenSource: Capcom (screenshot)

The Blood-orange Bishaten is a variant species of the hungry monkey, this time throwing explosive pine cones.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak AstalosSource: Capcom (screenshot)

Astalos makes a return with devastating attacks in tow.

New story

A mysterious knight named Fiorayne rescues the player after being ambushed by Lunagaron, taking them to a new locale, Elgado, with new shops and a smithy. The command post serves as a place of research surrounding the new monsters infiltrating the villages.

The Three Lords, Garangolm, Lunagaron, and Malzeno, are regarded as the biggest threats to the region, and are a priority in your quest to keep the region safe.

Preorder info

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Deluxe EditionSource: Capcom (screenshot)

Players who already own the base Monster Hunter Rise game can purchase Sunbreak as DLC. A Deluxe version of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is also available, with new armor sets and more as a bonus. A set with both the base game and Sunbreak DLC is also available.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Preorder Bonus ArmorMonster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Amiibo SetSource: Capcom (screenshot)

Those who preorder the expansion can access an exclusive layered armor set for their Palamute and Palico, resembling a Shiba Inu and calico cat. Players can purchase a new set of three Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak amiibo, featuring Malzeno, a Palico, and Palamute. These amiibo offer exclusive armor sets for Hunters and their buddies.

Accessing the DLC

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Event QuestsSource: Capcom (screenshot)

The Sunbreak DLC can only be accessed after completing the 7 Star Quest at the Gathering Hub. To help new players, exclusive armor, weapons, and talismans are being distributed to new players. New event quests are also available to help Hunters move up in the ranks.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title UpdateSource: Capcom (screenshot)

A Title Update of 13 GB will be made available once Sunbreak releases, even for players who don't plan on getting the Sunbreak DLC. It's required for online play, so make sure you free up some space.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Game TrialSource: Capcom (screenshot)

A free Game Trial is still currently available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers until March 17, 2022, allowing new players to try out the game and keep their save data in the event that they want to purchase the game, which is currently on sale for a short time.

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