Express Travel with Apple Pay comes to Skånetrafiken in Sweden

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What you need to know

  • Apple Pay's Express Travel mode is now available in Southern Sweden.
  • The new service is now available to Skånetrafiken customers in Skåne.
  • Apple has also added several UK services to its supported list.

Skånetrafiken customers in the Skåne region of Sweden can now use Apple's Express Travel mode for Apple Pay.

This week Ridango announced:

Bus passengers, in the region of Skåne in southern Sweden, can now pay for their trip without using a physical ticket, cash or card. Together with Ridango and Telia, Skånetrafiken launches Express Mode for Apple Pay.

Express mode is a step beyond using Apple Pay at terminals on travel services, allowing users to enable a card for Express Travel that doesn't require verification using Face ID or Touch ID to use. Apple explains:

Quickly pay for journeys with Apple Pay using Express Travel on your iPhone and Apple Watch without having to wake or unlock your device, or open an app. You don't even need to validate with Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode.

As with Express mode in some other locations, Ridango confirmed that in Sweden customers can use the method even if their device has run out of battery. Associate product owner at the transport provider Björn Pettersson said "We are very happy to be the first in Scandinavia to launch Apple Pay's Express Mode on our city buses. Together with our partners, we have worked intensively to make this possible and it is very fun to now see the result."

Apple has updated its support document to include Skånetrafiken on its list. The change also indicates that a few UK services have also been added, they are:

  • Brighton & Hove Buses
  • Metrobus
  • Oxford Bus Company

Commuters need an iPhone running the latest version of iOS 15 to use Express Mode. And the power reserve feature is limited to the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR or beyond.

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