Facebook 2.0 Hits iPhone App Store

Last month, Dieter let us know that Facebook's popular, but feature-thin App Store application would be getting an update to (hopefully!) bring it up to par with the older WebApp version accessible via MobileSafari browsing. The due date was September, and boy did they just manage to sneak it in under the wire! Check out the iTunes App Store for Facebook 2.0 (still free!).

So what's in the Facebook 2.0 update?

  • Notifications
  • Full news feed
  • News feed story comments
  • People search
  • Friend requests
  • Photo tagging
  • Photo captioning
  • Photo posts to friends' walls
  • Full mini-feed combined with the wall
  • Entire inbox, including sent and updates
  • Inbox search
  • Message attachments
  • Speed and stability improvements

Impressions so far? The extra content accessibility is awesome. The UI changes are interesting, especially the horizontally scrolling menu bar under Home, but the visualization of it seems more than a little strange. What do you think? Is it as good as the WebApp yet? As the Facebook website? Has it changed your experience of the social monster? Let us know!

(Thanks to Gregory for sending this in!)

Rene Ritchie

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