Facebook iPhone changes

Facebook has yet again changed the way the news feed functions and manages content. Love it or hate it, these changes are also starting to appear in the Facebook for iPhone app as well. While there is no update from the App Store, it appears a lot of the changes were made from the back end. Your news feed will now filter most recent news at the top followed by older stories.

I've also noticed that the blue corners in the top left of each post appear in the iPhone app but it seems you aren't able to interact with them (yet anyways). These tags allow you to mark things that you like by toggling them. I'm assuming the theory behind this is that Facebook will start showing you more and more things it "thinks" you are interested in and not show as much of the rest. Nice idea but how well it'll actually work is yet to be seen.

How many of you are seeing the new changes in your news feed within Facebook for iPhone?