Facebook is bringing weather updates, sports scores, and more to its notifications tab

Facebook has just announced some changes coming to its notifications tab on iOS and Android that seem to give away the company's ambitions to be your total information hub. In your notifications tab, Facebook will start providing more information like sports scores, events around you, and movies playing in your area.

In addition, you'll see things like weather updates, nearby restaurants and upcoming events that you've joined. The company says that your notification settings won't change, and you can feel free to adjust your cards by tapping an arrow on the right of each card, while you can add more from the bottom of the tab.

The changes are currently rolling out for everyone by way of a server-side switch, so it shouldn't require an update. Still, it may be a while before everyone sees these new personalized cards popping up in their notifications tab.

Source: Facebook

Dan Thorp-Lancaster