Facebook could launch an app that won't require people to use their real names

Facebook may be working on a new stand alone mobile app that will allow its users to interact with others but without using their real names, and that app could be released in a matter of weeks.

The report comes from the New York Times, which cites unnamed sources. It claims Facebook has been working on this project for close to a year. According to the article, the idea is to allow Facebook users to chat about topics that they would be uncomfortable talking about with their real names.

The article doesn't have a lot of details of how this rumored app will work, although it does say the effort is being lead by Josh Miller. He was brought into the company when it acquired Branch in early 2014, which developed tools for online conversations. For its part, Facebook won't comment on the report. If Facebook did release such an app, would you use it?

Source: New York Times

John Callaham

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