Facebook for iPad coming late January with Timeline feature

Facebook has filed their IPO (initial public offering) registration and, in the process, revealed some rather astounding numbers related to users, revenues, and profit margins. Since Facebook is one of the most popular apps on iPhone and iPad, and a lot of those users are also iOS users, needless to say, they caught our attention.

Facebook saw $3.7 billion in revenues and around $1 billion in profits in 2011 -- a healthy 27 percent profit margin -- with significant growth each year. The jump in profits year-over-year sits at 65 percent, with revenues growing at a rate of 88 percent.

At last report, Facebook saw around 845 million active users with about half of them (483 million) checking the social network on a daily basis. In addition, Facebook processes roughly 2.7 billion 'Likes' and comments per day with users uploading an average of 250 million photos daily. Around 100 billion friendships were made in 2011.

Facebook also had more than 425 million monthly active users who logged into Facebook from a mobile device in December 2011. Although they weren't specific about mobile operating systems, the Facebook for iPhone app is historically known for being the #1 app in the App Store, with mobile adoption increasing significantly after a recent update improving performance and integrating Timeline support.

Although it's impossible to extrapolate the numbers based on Apple's recent quarterly earnings call, assuming roughly half of those were iPhone users wouldn't be an unsafe bet.

That's huge. And it's also interesting given the persistent rumors that Facebook would be getting into the mobile space and going after those users. Google did it with Android. Amazon is doing it with Kindle Fire.

Given Facebook's tensions with Apple of late, which are rumored to have resulted in the planned integration of Facebook into iOS 4 to get scrapped (leaving things open for Twitter in iOS 5), and caused a public spat over the iOS social music network, Ping, Facebook could well be next, and now they'll have even more money and resources to put behind it.

Source: SEC