Facebook for iPhone iOS 4 hits iTunes App Store

Facebook for iOS 4 has been updated to version 1.4. The new additions are as follows:

  • Updated for iOS 4: Fast App Switching along with high resolution icons.
  • Korean and Russian localizations.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Unlike the last Facebook update, there is no mention of the bugs that have been corrected.

Have you updated yet? If so let us know how it's working for you!

  • anyone else having issues with iphone 4s and app store? both mine and wifes says cannot connect to store.
    using 3g.
  • Nice! Still waiting on the iPad version though...
  • Checkt to see if the credit card your using on your iTunes account has expired. I bet it is.. Had a buddy with the same problem. His bank changed names and it killed his bank account that was tied to iTunes.
  • Installed the update on my 3GS about half an hour ago... No problems so far, saved-state/fast app switching is nice. Profiles and feeds seem to load faster, graphics and animations seem smoother.
  • @Dan I've been having issues with my 3G network all day. Is starting to piss me off.
  • Nice! Umm how about the iPad version!??!??
  • Works pretty well for me.
  • Looks good!
  • Loving the fast app switching. Saves me maybe a half second each time even on iPhone 4 and it really adds up.
  • i pad version? the ipad doesnt support multitasking yet...why would they update the ipad version?
  • It looks pretty good.
  • Seems like they're still allowing the phone to compress the video prior to uploading, which is kind of disappointing.
  • They fixed one bug. Often times when you had a new message, friend request, etc, the number icon itself was jagged and rugged. It's nice and smooth now.
  • @???nm: Alex's point was that there is NO iPad version yet, just the iPhone version scaled up. People want a native iPad version.
  • Looks the same
  • I hate this 4 firmware! U can't multiple-task like they say u can. In ex u can't listen to rhapsody and use Facebook. Unless someone can tell me how. Tkx
  • Can you collect farmvilel friends giveaways like 3.1.2?
  • @Aaron, has Rhapsody updated to use the background music APIs? That might be why it doesn't work. Pandora and Slacker both work in the background great.
  • @Dan yes I and my friend are having that problem, rest network settings and it will work for you. Ios4 is buggy needs a patch update asap
  • The one problem I do have is how long it takes to post comments and replies. It takes a long time, both on wifi and 3g. Anyone else?
  • It's 3.1.4, not 1.4
    Sweet update though!
    Just wish they'd fix the Chat feature. Hasn't ever worked properly. Only way I've been able to use it, is if I started the chat on my computer first.
  • I sometimes have issues with the chat I just stop using it and linked my FB to AIM. Works so much better plus u get push notifications.
  • @Chiapet can I ask where your at, the network is really slow for like 3days . I'm staRting to think it's my iPhone 4
  • @Dan I get that sometimes under wifi and 3G but I close it and reopen and it usually works
  • Ok maybe I'm stupid, lol. What is fast app switching? What's it mean?
  • @Staythirsty Yes Im having the dsame problem getting the farmville links/giveaways to open!!
  • MUCH better... hate those fuzzy icons... hopefully most all will be updated soon...
  • @David - it's a feature available on 3GS & iPhone 4 models as part of iOS4. By double tapping the home button, you bring up the task switcher and can move quickly between apps.
  • @JtPDX
    I used to have the same problem too. It would take FOREVER to post a comment, like a status or even upload a picture. Actually, the app would crash most of the time before it completed the task. The last release fixed the crashing. I uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed straight from the app store on the phone. Now with this update everything is running smoothly!
  • Does chat work correctly now ive had issues in the past where i constantly get "message can't be sent" errors
  • did they fix the bug where the app never ever ever seems to recognize that YES, you've READ the damn notification already? for the FOURTH time?
    because I swear that got worse with the last update that they said "fixed" it.
  • I think it works a lot faster, refreshing takes no time over 3G on the iPhone 4. Finally a decent working Facebook app.
    If your phone isn't connecting to the app store, restart the phone. Remember that once you download an app, it's always good to restart it.
  • Been waiting for this :]
  • Anyone having push notification issues???
    Ever since I bought my iPhone 4 I haven't had any facebook push notifications. I thought this update would have dealt with it but it's still the same for me. =\
  • Where the hell is the iPad version?????
  • WHERE IS AN IPAD VERSION? Echoing other comments!
  • @nestoB I'll try the uninstall/redownload approach. Thanks for the idea.
  • not working
    since upgrading the fb application, it takes forever to load new feeds, mail or anything
    i have a 3GS phone w the IOS4 upgrade. none of the radio apps nor the mail app nor news app like the weather channel work anymore. regular email is never pushed either
  • No solid evidence but last crash log did not list Facebook (version 3.1.4)as one of the running apps. I have had problems with iphone 3gs w 1Os4 rebooting during longer phone calls. Have restored phone as "New" phone on Apple's advice but rebooting reappeared with selection of 4 (iOS4 tested) apps. Systematically tested and think facebook is the culprit.. any thoughts or advice please?
  • App keeps crashing on my iPhone. Was good for Many days till now
  • Using iPhone 4. Facebook app crashing after launch. Tried re-installing, same thing.
  • just starting having facebook crash issues tonight - every single time now upon start up, it crashes 4 seconds in ... cannot use the app - it's useless. this sucks. iphone 4 was not ready to be released ... i am very disappointed.
  • Same here. Upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS4 a couple days ago and all of the sudden, facebook won't stay open. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it didn't do any good. Help!
  • Exact same as erik with my 3gs.
  • Same here. I have a 3gs and I installed the ios4 a few days ago. FB working fine for a day or two. Started crashing occasionally this afternoon. Now it won't load at all. Opens for a few seconds and crashes every time. HELP!!
  • Same problem. 3GS updates to ios4 fb app worked fine for days and then tonight it won't load at all. Tried reboot same problem.
  • My facebook app is not working today
  • Just updated Facebook app this afternoon on my iphone 4. Crashes everytime I open it now..... tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, twice. Sent error report to app....
  • Well might as well join the crowd lol my facebook app just started crashing everytime i try to launch it.. look around to see if i can find anything about it and sure enough.. everyones seems to have stopped working today...uh....what the eff?
  • mine worked flawlessly for the last 2 days i might add.. including this morning and this afternoon
  • Just started getting Facebook crashing on open tonight on my iPhone 4. Reinstall did not fix. App is currently broken for me.
  • Hmmm... My fb app keeps crashing too. Just started this afternoon... I've only had this new iphone for 4 days. Other apps crash once in a while... but I cant use fb at all... :(
  • i just look at the "facebook for iphone" page on facebook on my mac... its being flooded with posts with people's who suddenly stopped working.. looks like its large scale and most likely not the apps fault
  • Me too. D:
    I think this has happened before and it's been fixed a few hours later. There's always facebook.com thru Safari for the addicts, but it's not the same!
  • Having the same problem with Facebook app in iOS4 for 3GS. Looks like we're all having the same problem. Yo, Steve? Is Bill Gates' crew workin' for you now?
  • @elementbt:
    mine worked this afternoon as well... just started recently
  • perhaps facebook is up to something.. and it will just resolve itself
  • I'll join all of you! Upgraded my 3GS to 4.0 software last night, facebook worked today and then tonight it crashes b4 it even loads! It's officially useless! Tried reboot, tried to delete and redownload but nothing worked.
  • Yup, my facebook has started crashing just as of tonight. It was working pretty okay the past few days except it didn't automatically update when I'd open the app. I still had to manually update. Now it doesn't work at all!!!
  • I have an Ipod touch with the new OS4 and I am running into the same issue. It was working fine earlier today but now upon opening up the Facebook app, it opens for a few seconds then closes. I turned off the Ipod for about 5 minutes then turned it back on and got the same results. I even re added the app, same thing. I can browse to FB and access it just fine. I'm wondering if the app needs to be updated?
  • Looks like this is a nationwide problem. News of it is already making the feeds. Huffington Post just sent out a developing feed on it. Lots of twittering about it too. Hmmmm...
  • Yep. Same Facebook crash issue on iPod Touch w/ iOS 4
    Facebook version 3.1.4
  • FB app is soooooo slow when it comes to posting comments.. about 1 min to complete task after hitting submit button. annoying
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