I joined Facebook 6 years ago and the first photos I uploaded were of a string of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and seminars I attended that year. My most liked posts were the ones congratulating my mother on her retirement from school teaching last year, the remembrance for my maternal grandmother who passed away last November, and my photo of the view from the airport hotel in San Francisco where I spent a morning blogging on the bay. I've shared photos of parties, iPhone lineups, filming on rooftops in New York, shooting CESlive in Las Vegas, and for it all, Facebook has given me a giant unicode thumbs up. That's my Facebook Lookback, the video montage they're offering in celebration of Facebook's 10th anniversary. What's yours?

(Sadly Facebook won't let me share my video outside of, you know, Facebook, so here's the generic one they placed on — wait for it! — YouTube instead...)