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Facebook Messenger for iPhone brings free voice calling to Canada

Facebook's messenger app received an update, today, that allows Canadian users to call each other for free over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. It also gives all users the ability to send quick voice messages. Even though it's currently only available in Canada, VoIP calling through Facebook is a pretty big deal -- imagine being able to call any of your Facebook friends for free. It's only a matter of time before that's a possibility for all Facebook users everywhere.

The voice messaging in Facebook Messenger is similar to the popular apps Voxer and HeyTell and is a push-to-talk type service where you must take turns sending each other messages. It's like a hybrid between text messaging and talking on the phone.

What do you think about Facebook's new VoIP service for Canadians? When do you predict it will roll out to the US and other countries? If you're from Canada, how the new voice calling working out for you? Anyone ditching Voxer or HeyTell in favor of Facebook? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Wow! This would be amazing! Can't wait until it expands to other countries!!
  • The day that greedy American mobile carriers allow Apple to host a version of Facebook Messenger with similar voice over mobile data functionality is the day that the FCC finally does its job.
  • So ...sort of along the lines of what blackberry has offered for years internationally and less than what Skype, yahoo, MSN, Google etc offer already? What am I missing?
  • Sorry. I only support one meglomaniacal company keen to grab my contacts and know my usage at a time - and I'm using Google's free service for North America right now.
  • This could be quite cool. At the moment I don't know, because none of my Facebook friends has the app downloaded so I can't call anyone. But what really surprises me is that it came to Canada first. We never, or rarely ever, get anything before the States does. Hopefully it's the beginning of a trend, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Thanks for helping me on this issue I was searching for some App for my android for making voice call and messaging free. I was using Facebook messager but was not aware of its update. After searching on many sites finally I got the clear description here. I visited on other site here, where they had explained about this topic, but was not too clear and I had to move for other site. And now see, I got everything clear from you by picking every fact & simple steps for updation. Will come back to you soon for more updations, Keep updating.