Facebook reportedly working on standalone camera app to encourage sharing

A new report claims Facebook is working on a standalone camera app for both photos and videos. The app is being made with the idea that users of the social network will share more content.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

A prototype of the app developed by Facebook's "friend-sharing" team in London opens to a camera, similar to disappearing photo app Snapchat, the people said. Another planned feature allows a user recording video through the app to begin live streaming, they added.

The camera app is still in an early stage of development, according to the story, and there's a chance it might not be released to the public. However, it adds that Facebook is working on it to encourage more of its users to create and share photos and videos with others. There are third-party reports that indicate Facebook users are not sharing or updating their pages as much as they have in the past, but that's something the company itself seems to deny:

A Facebook spokeswoman declined to comment on product plans. The spokeswoman said the overall level of sharing on Facebook was strong and "similar to levels in prior years."

John Callaham

I have been writing professionally about technology and gaming news for 14 years.