Facebook will now let you save those lists and quizzes for later

Facebook will soon let you save your favorite things from Facebook. Not a local save, mind you, more of a Pocket for Facebook, and only in Facebook. With the save feature a tap or two will let you save a link, place, or bit of linked media (movie, TV show, or music) for later reference. Those hilarious (or incriminating) status updates and photos? You still can't save those — you'll still have to resort to a screenshot for that.

The feature will be accessible in the little drop down menu at the top right of any post. Tap there, and then tap on 'Save "This think at which you are looking" '. Saved items will be logged in the new "Saved" section under the moor tab and sorted by content type. From there you can share, review, like, or otherwise interact in ways that Facebook would like you to do.

And, because this is Facebook and everything revolves around the News Feed, saved items will occasionally pop up again in your feed like some reminder of that thing you were going to do but couldn't remember.

The update will be rolling out for Facebook users on iOS, Android, and the web over the next few days, so let us know in the comments when it's there and what you'll be saving.

Source: Facebook

Derek Kessler

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