Facebook's new Stickered for Messenger will let you slap stickers onto any photo

If you've not had enough of stickers inside Facebook Messenger, get ready for stickers on your photos. Facebook's Stickered for Messenger does just that — it lets you place stickers on photos and send them via Messenger. Not only can you slap on whatever sticker you like, you also will get to use your fingers to relocate, reorient, and resize the stickers as you see fit.

Additionally, for the holiday season, Facebook's adding a bit of festive cheer to Messenger. Chat heads are going to have a snow globe theme to them, you'll be able to frame your photos with a special New Years frame, and there's even a batch of holiday stickers coming to the app.

Stickered for Messenger isn't yet available in the iOS App Store, though Facebook says it should be in the next few days. We'll let you know when it's live.

Source: Facebook

Derek Kessler

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