Facebook's Rooms lets you view activity, select custom sounds, and more

Rooms, the latest app to come out of Facebook Labs, has been updated to version 1.1 today, adding new sound customization, an activity dashboard, and notifications. There are also a number of bug fixes and performance optimizations.

The new activity dashboard lets you track activity in rooms that you run. You can see the number of hours spent in a room, the number of new members in the last month, the total membership of the room, and the number of posts, comments, and likes in the last week. To open the dashboard, go to a room that you're in charge of and tap the gear icon, then tap Activity.

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Other improvements in version 1.1 help you customize your rooms and keep you up to date. As a room administrator, you can now set the sounds that users hear when they tap the Like button, with over 50 options available. You can now also get push notifications for posts published to rooms of which you are a member.

You can download Rooms 1.1 for free right now from the App Store.

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