Facebook's 'Scrapbooks' feature helps parents organize pictures of their kids

Scrapbooks adds quite a few new options for managing photos of your kids with special tags and the option to share a scrapbook with your significant other. Here's a breakdown of the Scrapbook features from Facebook:

  • You can opt to co-own the scrapbook with a partner who you're in a relationship with on Facebook.
  • You choose what you call the tag—it could be your child's name, initials or something fun.
  • You and your partner choose which photos to tag.
  • Only you and your partner can tag your child in photos.
  • We've built in lots of reminders and tips to guide you along the way.

To get started with creating a scrapbook of your child, you head to the "About" section of your profile, then click or tap on the "Family and Relationships" section. From there, you can select "Add Scrapbook" next to your kid's name if you've already added him or her as a family member on your profile.

Overall, this looks like a fun way to keep pictures of your kids organized on Facebook. The company says that the feature has started rolling out to users on the web and iOS today, so it may still take some to hit your profile.

Source: Facebook

Dan Thorp-Lancaster