Mark Zuckerberg in front of the Facebook logoSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple is set to limit the ability of companies like Facebook to track their users.
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he's concerned that it will impact small businesses.
  • He used his company's earnings call to continue to complain about the move.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has again been whinging about Apple's plans to limit its ability to track users. He used his company's quarterly earnings call as a platform to again make the complaint that the move will impact small businesses. Ignoring the fact it will impact Facebook's own bottom line.

The move Zuckerberg is complaining about will now happen early next year after plans to follow it through with the launch of iOS 14 were shelved. Once implemented, apps will no longer be able to track users based on their individual device ID, or IDFA, limiting their ability to sell and generate ads.

According to a Business Insider report, Zuck believes the move will impact the economy as the world tries to recover from 2020.

Zuckerberg argued that "personalized advertising is helping small businesses find customers, grow their businesses and create jobs," and that measures to limit targeted ads, such as those by Apple and lawmakers in the European Union, would hurt those businesses' ability to reach customers.

Both Facebook and Zuckerberg are ignoring the fact the move will also impact its own bottom line and a man more cynical than I might suggest that's the real motivation behind the founder's comments.

But not me. Obviously.