Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff now available on iPhone and iPad. Freakin' sweet!

After initially launching last week, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is now available to download for iPhone and iPad. Giggity Giggity Goo! The game will be instantly familiar to anyone who ever played The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and to fans of the show. We're rebuilding Quahog, after 'somebody' blew it up. We also get treated to this exclusive mini-episode, which opens up the game (word of warning, there's a couple of curses in there!)

FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff begins with a new conflict between Peter Griffin and his arch nemesis the Giant Chicken. After an epic battle gone awry, Quahog is destroyed and Peter is to blame. With Quahog in ruins, players must help Peter rally classic FAMILY GUY characters in order to rebuild the town.

Developed by TinyCo, the gameplay follows a virtually identical path to that of Tapped Out. You begin to unlock different characters, send those characters to complete missions, earn coins and 'Golden Clams' and rebuild Quahog in your own unique and special way.

The graphics are really sharp and some of the in-game quotes are absolutely on the money. It's clear that TinyCo has put a lot of effort into making this a genuinely good Family Guy experience for fans of the show. We even get to go to the Multiverse once a day with Stewie collecting coins. Freakin' sweet! The Quest for Stuff also has it's own social network, FaceSpace, where the characters will post their own hilarious status updates and photos throughout the game.

Of course, much like Tapped Out, The Quest for Stuff is a full on Freemium experience. Sure, you can wait – and wait – it out and earn currency in the game, or you can give in and cough up. I've not been playing it long enough yet to decide how good or bad the implementation of in-app purchases is, but I have encountered something potentially alarming.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

One of the 'missions' in the early stages of the game involves buying coins to get free clams. OK, you can ignore it and it won't hamper your progress, but I'm not at all comfortable with IAPs being marketed in this way.

But that aside, it's an enjoyable game to play. As a fan of the show I was suckered in right from the intro video – which you can catch up top – but only time will tell as far as longevity and the potential paywall is concerned.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

The download is free, it looks fantastic, so if you're a fan of the show I recommend checking it out. If you do, be sure to drop into the comments and tell us how you're finding it!

Richard Devine

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