Fantastical 3Source: Lory Gil/iMore

What you need to know

  • There's now a way to get Fantastical Premium for the whole family and save money at the same time.
  • Developer Flexibits has launched Fantastical Premium for Families.
  • Up to five family members can share the same family subscription.

Flexibits, developer of the excellent Fantastical, has announced a new family option for those who want to bring the whole household into the world of Fantastical Premium. Enter, Fantastical Premium for Families.

Announced today, Fantastical Premium for Families brings all the same great Fantastical Premium features to up to five family members whole saving money along the way.

"Fantastical Premium users have been asking for a way for family members to have their own Flexibits Account, but not wanting to pay separately for each user," said Michael Simmons, CEO & President of Flexibits. "With Fantastical Premium for Families, we've made it easy to add up to 4 additional family members for less than the price of an additional individual Fantastical Premium subscription."

If you're wondering whether you need Fantastical Premium at all, wonder no more. Lory already covered whether it's for you in her review.

So how much does Fantastical Premium for Families cost? Good question!

Fantastical Premium for Families comes with a 14 day free trial and is available for $7.99 (US) monthly or $64.99 (US) annually (a 32% discount off the monthly Families plan, which works out to $5.42 (US) monthly).

Compared to buying five individual Fantastical Premium subscriptions, that's a great deal. Fantastical Premium for Families costs just $1.08 per user, per month. That has to be a bargain in anyone's book!

You can download the various Fantastical apps – iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions are available – by visiting the website now.