Macos Monterey Review HeroSource: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore

What you need to know

  • Popular macOS file extraction app Pacifist has been updated to version 4.
  • The new update is a complete rewrite in Swift 5.

Pacifist, a popular app for working with macOS package files, has been updated to version 4. That update brings with it a complete rewrite, with the app compatible with Apple silicon and macOS Monterey.

With support for Apple's latest processors as well as a complete Swift 5 rewrite, Pacifist 4 is now faster than ever with developer CharlesSoft saying that the update has "a focus on multi-threadedness, resulting in a lot of performance and user-experience improvements."

There's a lengthy list of changes in the release notes for Pacifist 4, with just some of the changes including:

  • Completely rewritten in Swift 5
  • Optimized for Apple Silicon
  • Redesigned, modernized UI
  • Full support for modern versions of macOS
  • Added command-line interface
  • Added browser plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox
  • Expanded support for analyzing existing installations, beyond simply kernel extensions
  • Support for Asset Catalog files
  • Support for Mac OS 9 Installation Tome files
  • Fixed some bugs that could cause certain packages not to open properly
  • Verify phase now correctly checks checksums for all file types, including symbolic links and Mach-O binary files
  • Added Preferences option to change the default setting of the "Use Administrator Privileges" check box
  • Added Preferences option to disable automatic opening in the Finder after extraction
  • Numerous performance optimizations

Pacifist is a free download with a $20 purchase required after a trial. You can download the app, and learn more, on the developer website now.