FINALLY: Ravensword for iPhone Released!

For those of us looking for that pinnacle action RPG for the iPhone, Ravensword: The Fallen King [$6.99 - iTunes (opens in new tab)]has been released. This game looks absolutely fantastic! I have only played this game for a few minutes (enough to leave the inn and wonder the town. I will have a more thorough update later) but the controls are great and there are lots of options to tweak the performance based on your hardware.

The character and environment detail is some of the best I have seen on the iPhone. The game is similar to other games such as Oblivion (opens in new tab) in this genre. There are NPCs to interact with and several weapons and items to use. There has not been a game quite like this so far on the iPhone, so it will be exciting to see its reception in the App Store. I for one, know what I will be playing this weekend!

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  • First, and like I said earlier. Any iPhone game priced over $4.99 is a rip off. I wish the consumer would think along these lines, as these developers would be forced to work with market prices, and stop trying to hose the consumer.
  • Disagree completely. I'm happy to pay $9.99 or even more for a great game. As long as people are cheap, we're going to get cheap games.
    Developers need to feed their families and have profitable businesses. If all "the market" wants is $4.99 games, that's all we'll get, and we'll be missing out on some fantastic stuff.
    (Imagine if Xbox gamers refused to pay more than $15, what kind of games would they get for that price?)
  • /agree with Rene. Higher the cost the more budget they have for future games. There is I know developers want to maximize profit by charging as much as they can while producing at low costs with little to no overhead.
    But for the most part, we pay more for better games/apps than we do for cheaper ones.
    Some people argue for instance that console game prices have risen with each console due to higher incomes throughout the country but I think the real reason is the complexity of development with each new console and the level of data and attention to detail that can be packed into larger and larger volumes of disks.
    I have yet to try this game but if the comparison to Oblivion is even 25% true for a mobile game, I bet they needed every penny they charged.
    Off to try it out now !!!!!!!
  • I agree with rene most games are worth $9.99 or more. What alot of these people may not see is that these games always go down in price $3-$4 in a matter of weeks anyway. Just look at rockband.
  • I just thought of one other thing that has definitely and will definitely change the cost of games especially in the iphone world. Now developers can create add-ons and DLC for their games and apps and charge seperately without having to eyeball the price of an app and any future updates and thus risking the possibility of under pricing or over pricing.
    One example I can think of that does not offer DLC but I hope soon will is the study guides for law classes. I have bought a bunch of them and for the 39.99 price tag they are great considering the time spent on each hypo. If they added in app purchases for more flash cards and hypos that would be great rather than them charging lets say 99.99 for the entire app to cover any future releases which they may or may not create to support that price tag.
  • The old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The game looks nice. Ill wait for some reviews before I get it.
  • @Belechick the Genius
    if you don't want to pay for good apps, stick with the cheap ones or don't have an iphone. I agree with Rene. I'll pay for a good game.
    I'm excited! I LOVE Fable games and Oblivion. I'll be downloading this over the weekend (when I have time to play it)...if I get it now, it'll interfere with things I "need" to do. Sad face. :(
    If there was a port of Fable II or Fable I I would be in heaven, but I know that's dreaming as it's a Microsoft title :(
  • Belichick, i feel sorry for you, because oyu will never get to play some of the greatest games in the appstore because you have a misguided opinion that all iPhone games are 59p throwaways.
    If you think that £3.99 for a game as polished as Ravensword is too much, then you seriously have no idea how much games are worth, and how much time and money is spent developing them.
    Overpriced krapps are a problem. Ravensword is fairly priced slice of gaming excellence. Honestly, its not the developers fault you are cheap.
  • Actually fanboys, I am justified in my reasoning. Keep paying top prices for games, and getting screwed. That's up to you, it's not my money. Funny, I paid 99 cents for homerun battle 3D when it first came out. Now, it's $4.99. But, no you're right, developers aren't out to screw you. Keep going through life with blinders on.
  • Wahwah. Shut up.
    Can't wait to dl this game ahh!!!
  • What does getting a bargain have to do with it? I've got bargains, you've got bargains? I paid £26 for Modern Warfare 2, its £45 elsewhere. Does that mean modern warfare is only worth £26? If i buy a lunchtime meal in a pub and they give a free pint, does that mean the pint is worth nothing?
    Fact is, you dont want to spend money on games, fine, but dont try and make yourself feel better for your cheapness by telling us we are foolish.
  • It looks like an excellent game. I hope it doesn't end up being too short. I'm always bummed when a really good RPG isn't long enough.
  • Looks like fun and well worth the small price. Under 10$ and people still crying about it. How pathetic must not get how the world works yet as far as YOU GET WHAT U PAY 4!! Oh well just blows me away what every1 thinks they are owed. Once I'm back to work from this car crash I was in I'll be getting this one. For sure. Got to be tight with $ now :(.
  • I don't see how anyone can call 9.99 for a QUALITY iPhone game a "rip off". Sure, there are some that aren't worth it, but that's true regardless of the platform. All of the market research I've seen on the issue is that 9.99 is a critical price point for the iPhone that establishes a "premium" quality game that usually far outshines the 0.99, 2.99, 4.99 and even the 6.99 games. Again, with some notable exceptions, games at that price are usually worth it because they are able to differentiate themselves well.
    Also, if you look at games for other platforms of similar quality, I think you'll find that 9.99 is VERY inexpensive for a quality game. I don't know where this entitlement to having everything under $5 has come from. If you want quality, you have to expect to pay for it.
  • I think its appropriately priced seeing as how rare RPGs are on iPhone. once competition picks up, prices will come down... economics guys.
    $7 is less than a game rental at blockbuster, or a movie ticket. So for the amount of entertainment you get from the game, its easy to rationalize the cost. I think their price point is right on.
    When Flash CS5 comes out we'll see more compeition for game prices.
  • I guess we'll agree to disagree. Rene, it's close to 4PM here on the east coast and still no mention of the Adobe Flash 10.1 pre release build? I'd like to see a post on how Apple, and their dictatorship, are dropping the ball on yet another opportunity to enrich the Iphones web browsing experience. I don't want to hear all the fanboys moan and groan about Flash eating up CPU power either. It would be nice not having to rely on my PC to watch videos I can't watch on my Iphone.
  • This game is a decent price for what it is, but it looks worse than N64 graphics to be honest (this is what i would pay for a N64 caliber game too...5-10 bucks at most), although that CG had me fooled at first.
    Somehow i doubt this is a very long game though.
  • With these more larger, content-lavish games continuing to be released, I really hope the next iteration of the iPhone has a solid battery on it.
    Web + email + texting + talking + apps + games = one hell of a quickly depleted battery...
  • @Keith "It looks like an excellent game. I hope it doesn’t end up being too short. I’m always bummed when a really good RPG isn’t long enough."
    A good RPG is NEVER long enough.
  • @Belichick The Genius
    Flash will compile flash games for iphone natively.
  • I keep seeing people saying "it's a fair price for a quality game" or some variation of that. How do we know it's a quality game? Where's the demo? If I buy it and don't like it can I get my money back? What kind of support can I expect?
    If your goin to charge a premium you are going to have to start acting like a proper developer and look after your customers. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has bought an app to find out it was rubbish.
  • @The Dave
    I agree that the more pricey games should have demos, so we can test the controls etc.
    With in-App-purchase now, why not break a $10 10 level game into 10 parts at $1 a piece? Just a stupid idea, then Belichick The Genius could happily pay $5 for half of the game.
    Ravensword looks quite promising, one does wonder how many hours of play it will give. At 65Mb then it must have at least a few hours of game time.
  • I wish all of you would shut the hell up and review the freaking game. I just wasted my time skimming, not even reading, these terrible comments when I thought one of you cheap asses, or one of you money bags, would of bought it by now and reviewed it.
  • This game is great to play and I found it enjoyable from start to finish. I'd say worth it's the money, but don't expect all the bells and whstles of a typical third-person RPG. Future expansions are being developed and hopefully will add more to the game. It looks promising to become one of the great RPG's.