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What you need to know

  • An Apple Watch owner had contractors in to do some work on their house.
  • One of the workers stole the watch.
  • It was handed in, likely after the thief realized it could be tracked.

An Apple Watch was stolen during some housing work after one of the contractors took a shine to it. But once they grew a conscience – and realized it could be tracked – they handed it in to their boss, according to a report.

The heist took place in mid-March according to Press & Guide, with the Apple Watch owner inviting contractors into their home to carry out some work. It was later noted that the Apple Watch had gone missing, with its owner tracking it down to a location in Dearborn.

When the police spoke with the person in charge of the contractors it turned out the thief had handed it in. Presumably, because they knew they'd eventually get found out. While the worker said they felt guilty, I suspect the knowledge that it could be tracked had a part to play, too.

The police officer then spoke to the head of the work crew, who said one of his workers, who had taken the watch, subsequently felt guilty and surrendered the watch to him, and the homeowner had not yet retrieved it.

The watch was subsequently returned to its owner, although the report doesn't note whether any charges were filed against anyone.