Find out if you are safe to drive with the Alcohoot breathalyzer for iPhone

One of the big questions every time people have a night out and take the car is how much can they safely drink without being over the legal alcohol consumption limit or a danger to other road users. Well this could all start to become a lot clearer with the Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer.

The Alcohoot is the worlds first smartphone breathalyzer, it connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth and when paired will automatically launch the Alcohoot’s companion app. You simply blow into a tube and the information will be transferred to your iPhone. It will then calculate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) based on your sex, age, weight and height. The Alcohoot has been built to conform with all relevant FDA and Department of Transportation requirements. If you are over the limit it can then call you a cab, search for a restaurant or phone a friend to come and get you.

You should never drink and drive, ever. We understand that it isn’t ideal to carry around a heavy, bulky, unattractive breath tester, that’s why we invented Alcohoot – a small, sleek, innovative add-on for your smartphone that turns it into an accurate breath alcohol tester. Just connect it, take a breath test, take it off. Simple as that.With the Alcohoot app you can find nearby restaurants that are open with zero hassle. Go rest and get some food and water in your belly – it will give your body time to digest the alcohol and the food will help absorb it more quickly.Drunk driving kills over 10,000 people each year in the United States. We are here to do something about it.

The Alcohoot should be available this summer and the price is rumored to be around $70; which is reasonable enough if it can save lives and your drivers license. Of course we doubt that this would stand up in court if after using it you do decide to drive home but still get pulled over and fail a Police test; this is still a bit of a gray area and would probably be decided by a blood test. The safest and most fool proof way to avoid this of course, is to avoid alcohol completely when driving. That would make much more sense!

Would you be interested in using your iPhone as a breathalyzer?

Source: Alcohoot

Alcohoot - The Smartphone Breathalyzer from Jonathan Ofir on Vimeo.


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