Is the Fitbit Alta HR too big on small wrists?

Fitbit Alta HR stands
Fitbit Alta HR stands (Image credit: Fitbit )

Is the Fitbit Alta HR too big on small wrists?

Best Answer: Not at all, though this may be fairly subjective. The Fitbit Alta HR is one of the company's slimmest offerings, and it's also quite stylish to boot. The length of the tracker on the Alta HR itself is about 1.6 in, and the width is 0.6 in. It's about 0.5 in deep and weighs in at 0.8 oz, so for most people, you'll hardly remember that it's there once it's on.Fitbit: Fitbit Alta HR ($100)

It doesn't sound too bulky from what I'm seeing. How do I figure out the size of the band?

The Fitbit Alta HR comes in three band sizes: Small, Large, and X Large. To figure out the size band that would properly fit your wrist, check out our guide to measuring your wrist for a Fitbit.

With the sizing guide for the Alta HR, make sure to print it out at 100 percent, make sure your printer isn't set to scale to fit. Then cut out that sample band and wrap it around your wrist, making sure that the end with the arrow is on top. For best fitting, make sure that this paper band is flat against your wrist. Find the size that the arrow is pointing to, and voilá, that's your band size.

Basically, Small fits 5.5"-6.7" (140mm-170mm) wrists. Large will fit those who are 6.7"-8.1" (170mm-206mm). X Large is for those with wrists that are 8.1"-9.3" (206mm-236mm) in size.

If you're reading this for answers, you'll probably fall under the Small size.

So I know the size I need for the band. How snug should it fit?

Since the Alta HR has the 24/7 heart rate monitoring built-in, you'll want to wear the tracker fairly snug on your wrist. So it should not be too loose, or too tight. It should be snug but still comfortable.

If you have never worn an activity tracker and the Alta HR is your first one, then it may just take some getting used to if it feels weird. But like everything else, you kind of forget about it after a while because you've become accustomed to it.

Can I spice things up with different bands than the one it came with?

Yes! The Fitbit Alta HR is designed to be personalized to suit your personal tastes and moods. Fitbit sells their own Classic (made of elastomer) and Leather bands for $30 and $60, respectively, but there are also some great third-party replacement band options too.

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