Best answer: Technically no, but the Charge 3 is water resistant for up to 50 meters, meaning you can go swimming, take a shower, and get caught in the rain without worry about it malfunctioning. If you wanted, you could also opt for the more affordable Fitbit Flex 2 or the smart Fitbit Ionic which are also great when it comes to dealing with water and moisture.

Amazon: Fitbit Charge 3 ($150)

While the Fitbit is swim and water resistant, it's not technically waterproof

You can dive up to 50 meters with your Fitbit Charge 3. Anything deeper than that and you might ruin your Fitbit, bit 50 meters down is pretty deep, so unless you're planning on scuba diving, you're probably going to be fine.

Working out and sweating on a regular basis, or taking a bath or shower with your Charge 3 shouldn't damage your device in the slightest. If you're diving to retrieve salvage from the Titanic, that might be a different story...

Other water-resistant Fitbit options

The Fitbit Charge 3 is an excellent fitness tracker, but if it's not quite what you're looking for today, there are other fantastic Fitbit devices on the market. The Fitbit Flex 2 and the Fitbit Ionic are both fitness accessories that are water resistant but offer different features with varying price ranges.

Our pick

Fitbit Charge 3

If you're someone who loves water sports, the Fitbit Charge 3 is for you

This Fitbit Charge 3 is water-resistant, sure, but it also does a ton of other things too. This little fitness band really packs a punch when it comes to monitoring your sleep, your step count, your resting heart rate, and so, so much more. Couple that with the fact that you can take it in the pool or forget about it in the shower and it makes it a great partner for mastering all of your fitness goals! If you really want a powerhouse of a fitness tracker, pair your Charge 3 with a silicone or waterproof band and sweat the day away in comfort and style!


Fitbit Flex 2

Looking for something water-resistant, but don't want to break the bank?

Check out the super affordable and highly-rated Fitbit Flex 2! This particular fitness tracker is more swim-proof than fully waterproof, so if you're someone who works out in the pool or ocean (or even if you want to shower with your Fitbit) this accessory is a great option.

Sleek n' Stylish

Fitbit Ionic

If you're looking for a fitness tracker that goes above and beyond, consider the Ionic

Fitbit's Iconic fitness tracker has arguably been called the best of Fitbit's lineup, and whether it's because of its sleek, sharp profile, or its ability to be water-resistant for up to 50 meters, if you're someone who works out in water or sweats a lot, then it's worth checking out (despite the larger price tag).

Water-friendly accessories

Hamile Silicone Workout Band

You'll need a band that can deep-dive with you: and this silicone option is a great one to consider

Having a couple of bands that you can change up depending on your mood/activity is always awesome, but if you want a band that'll go for a swim with you and your Fitbit Charge 3 in the deep end, then take a peek at the Hamile Silicone Workout Band. This particular band is easy to clean, works well in damp environments, and sits comfortably on your wrist. It comes in a variety of colors and can be effortlessly adjusted to fit your wrist size.

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