Is the Fitbit Charge 3 waterproof?

Hero Fitbit Charge
Hero Fitbit Charge (Image credit: iMore)

Hero Fitbit Charge

Hero Fitbit Charge (Image credit: Fitbit)

Is the Fitbit Charge 3 waterproof?

Best answer: Technically, no, but the Charge 3 is water-resistant for up to 50 meters, meaning you can go swimming, take a shower, and get caught in the rain without worrying about it malfunctioning. If you wanted, you could also opt for the more affordable Fitbit Inspire, the smart Fitbit Versa 2, or the fresh Fitbit Charge 4, all of which stand up to water and moisture.Water resistant: Fitbit Charge 3 ($117 at Amazon)Newest Fitbit Charge: Fitbit Charge 4 ($150 at Amazon)Budget-friendly option: Fitbit Inspire ($69 at Amazon)Fitbit smartwatch: Fitbit Versa 2 ($200 at Amazon)

While the Fitbit is water-resistant, it's not technically waterproof

You can dive up to 50 meters with your Fitbit Charge 3. Anything deeper than that and you might ruin your Fitbit, but 50 meters is pretty deep, so unless you're planning on scuba diving, you're probably going to be fine.

Working out and sweating regularly, or taking a bath or shower with your Charge 3 shouldn't damage your device in the slightest. If you're diving to retrieve salvage from the Titanic, that might be a different story...

Other water-resistant Fitbit options

The Fitbit Charge 3 is a robust fitness tracker, but if it's not quite what you're looking for today, there are other Fitbit devices on the market. The newer Fitbit Charge 4, the Fitbit Inspire, and the Fitbit Versa 2 are all water-resistant, and offer a unique set of features.

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