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Best answer: If you are looking to purchase a new Fitbit and are deciding between the Inspire and the Flex 2, the choice is easy. The Fitbit Inspire is the best choice, as it is newer and more feature-rich. If you already own a Flex 2 and are wondering if it's worth upgrading to the Inspire now, it's still probably worthwhile.

Breaking down the two

Both Fitbits will track your steps, distance, calorie burn, exercise, and sleep. You'll get move reminders as well as notifications from your smartphone on both, though you can get more types of notifications on the Inspire. Battery life extends to about five days on both. Bands can be swapped out for different looks on the Fitbit Inspire. You can swim with both devices, as they are both waterproof.

The differences count

The most apparent difference between them is that the Flex 2 does not have a screen, and the Inspire does. Not only can the Inspire's screen tell you the time, but having your current stats in a dashboard on your wrist can inspire you to make healthier choices.

You can also see your exercise stats as your work out with the Inspire. There's a button on the Inspire so you can start and stop exercises manually if you wish, while you must rely on auto-tracking on the buttonless Flex 2. The Inspire has female health tracking and food logging, whereas the Flex 2 does not.

Fitbit doesn't even make the Flex 2 anymore; it's been replaced by the Inspire line. You can still find it, with the price greatly inflated, but I'd strongly recommend buying the Inspire instead.

Our pick

Fitbit Inspire

More advanced

The Fitbit Inspire is a newer device. It has a screen and other updated features, making it a worthwhile upgrade from the Flex 2.

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