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What you need to know

  • Workout companion Personal Best now lets you share your workouts on social media.

Popular workout companion app Personal Best recently received a big update, making it easier and more fun to share your workouts with your friends on social media.

Possibly a first for this kind of app, Personal Best lets you tap a button and then customize your workout data to make it look stunning, ready to be shared to Twitter, Instagram, or wherever the cool kids live these days.

Sharing your workouts is now 200% more fun!

  • Add a photo
  • Change the font
  • Choose from different layouts

People have been sharing their workouts for years but it often comes via a simple screenshot of an app's screen which, if we're all being honest, is a bit rubbish. Personal Best takes things a step further by letting you customize the font and layout while also adding the option to also include a photo. You'll get a workout just designing these things, let alone the actual workout you just did!

Personal Best ArtworkSource: Shaun Donnelly

As for the app itself, Personal Best ties in with Apple Health so all of your workouts are properly tracked across any other app that also links into Apple's app. Notifications and widgets are also part of the loadout here, while leaderboards and insights are where it's really at.

Your workouts are a treasure trove of useful, meaningful data, but this valuable data often goes unused. Personal Best creates leaderboards from your workouts, plus all kinds of interesting insights like how long you've spent exercising this year, as well as facts like your coldest workout or what time of day you work out most. You can even create your own leaderboards to rank your workouts in ridiculously specific ways.

You can download Personal Best from the App Store for free now, with an in-app purchase unlocking additional features.

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