Five apps from the Great White North you can't live without!

We may love our poutine up here in Canada, but we also love turning our iPhone and iPads into the ultimate machines with the greatest apps.

Canadian developers have been hard at work for years producing excellent apps that will make your life easier. Whether you're looking for a password manager to help you secure your privacy, a social media client to help you post everything you want, or even an app that unlocks the hidden potential in your iPhone camera, Canadians have developed it all. Here are five fantastic Canadian made apps you should download right now!


Best Twitter apps for iPad: HootSuite

HootSuite is not only a Twitter client for iPhone and iPad but a complete social networking suite that can combine it with your Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and more. You can view your feeds separately but toggling between them is just two taps away. You can also schedule tweets to go out at certain times as well as track stats on links you post, a great feature for businesses and blogs.

If you want an all-in-one social network suite complete with schedules and stats, you want HootSuite.


1Password is a staple of the Apple community. It lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, and more. It uses AES 256-encryption and includes support for unlocking with Touch ID. You can use the customizable password generator feature to create complex passwords and not have to worry about remembering them because they will always be stored safely in the vault.

You can organize passwords with tags and mark them as favorites. When you upgrade to the pro model for $13.99, you can access special templates that allow you to save bank accounts, driver's licenses, passports, and more. You'll also get Apple Watch support so you can view your favorite passwords right on your wrist. For those who want to share some passwords with others, 1Password also offers options for teams and families.


Yes, those fun personal cartoon stickers you see everywhere known as Bitmoji are Canadian!

The cool thing about Bitmoji is you don't just build one cartoon version of yourself, you build a set of characteristics that the app maps to dozens of cartoons. New ones rotate in and out all the time as well, for special holidays, for movie premieres, and simply for variety.

Plus Bitmoji is now integrated into Snapchat, meaning you can ever snap all your favorite Bitmojis to your friends!

Fit Brains Trainer

Your sharp wit, good memory, and problem-solving skills will age over time just like you. Your brain is like a muscle that needs to be used to stay in tip-top shape and Fit Brains Trainer will help you do just that!

By using game-like puzzles and challenges, Fit Brains Trainer will help you improve your memory, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, thinking speed, and more! Take daily sessions that our tailored to the areas of the brain that need the most work.

Over time you should see improvement in all areas if you do the training every day. You can download the app for free and it comes with a five-day trial. If you want to use the app past those five days you'll need to shell out for a subscription.


Best manual camera apps for iPhone

Get advanced camera controls in a beautiful package with the help of Manual!

Manual is super simple to use and lets you adjust shutter, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. In a single tap, you can also view aperture settings, making Manual a straightforward and user-friendly photography tool.

You can also check out histograms live and a plethora of other things, all in a beautifully designed and easy to use package.

Which Canadian apps do you love?

Show us your pride and tells us your favorite Canadian apps in the comments below!

Luke Filipowicz
Staff Writer

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