Five great WiFi thermostats to make your home smarter

We've gathered up five of our favorite WiFi thermostats that are available right now. Between being aware of our location, learning our daily habits, paying attention to the weather, and factoring in the latest energy rates, this new breed of appliance has added an exciting dimension to the home. Besides, you also stand to save a few bucks on your energy bill, and be a little more eco-friendly in the process.

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ecobee is the grand-daddy of WiFi thermostats. On top of monitoring the climate of the room in which the primary thermostat is installed, remote sensors relay the status of other rooms throughout the house, providing comprehensive data for ecobee to manage your home temperature. Automated intelligent adjustments are made based on your activity around the house, changes in energy prices, and local weather.

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Nest is a hugely popular Google-owned WiFi thermostat. The slick design carries it a long way, but it's also quite smart. A leaf icon helps you identify when Nest has achieved particularly efficient home temperature management, and a log lets you see exactly what kind of adjustments it's making throughout the day on your behalf. Nest is a great fit for the connected home with direct service tie-ins with Philips hue, Dropcam, Whirlpool washers, their own Protect smoke detectors, and plenty more.

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Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell is part of the old guard of thermostats, and have upgraded to meet the latest generation head-on. A motion-sensing front face lights up the display when you get close, with easy-to-access shortcuts for regular events. Your iPhone's GPS can keep the Lyric apprised of your location and make preparations if you're on the way home. Humidity monitoring is actively factored in to temperature adjustments for a finely tuned experience.

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tado is a simple system built for controlling air conditioning systems over infrared with the help of companion sensors around the house. With a geo-aware app, tado can start up your A/C when you're headed home, and turn it off when you're on the way out. Connectivity spans HomeKit, IFTTT, and SmartThings. tado is an easy choice for anyone with standalone air conditioning units.

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Zen Thermostat

Zen Thermostat bucks a trend of extreme automation and is pared down to the bare essentials. A simple dot grid shows the current temperature, while a touchscreen allows you to turn up or down the heat as you see fit. There are no algorithms to predict activity, as the developers have no interest in "thinking they're smarter than you". Still, Zen plugs into a variety of standards, including ZigBee and OpenHome, plus you can schedule climate changes like on most thermostats. For anyone into the minimalist look, Zen is a good place to start.

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Your favorite WiFi thermostats?

Those are our picks for WiFi thermostats, but there are plenty of others out there. Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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  • I regret getting a Nest and Nest Protect since their new Google owner has made it isolated from the rest of my smart home which is poised to be controlled by HomeKit. If there was a company that Apple should've snapped up, Nest was it. I'm sitting on it until HomeKit is turned on but it's likely that I'll be looking for a HomeKit compatible thermostat and smoke/CO detector soon.
  • echobee has already announced it, but current version will not be HomeKit compatible. :( nuts, or I'd jump on it.
  • I doubt Nest will ever have HomeKit turned on given that it is a proprietary system.
  • I have a Honeywell. Unfortunately it is so simple to use that my family keeps messing up my programmed schedule. I would recommend getting a more complicated one that doesn't have such a good iPhone app, so that no one else in the family can use it. Only then can the true geek be happy! Sent from the iMore App
  • No mention of one that is IIRC just as old as Ecobee, and has always been a heck of a lot cheeper. The Radio Thermostat C50, and the 3M rebranded version. I've been using these for years, and while simple, it really does a nice job. I'm pretty sure I got mine for just $99 at Home Depot. My only problem is that I ocasionally will forget to turn off the away feature until I'm at home (as apposed to an hour away). And then I need to wait for it to heat the place up in winter.
  • I'll second the vote on the 3M Radio Thermostat. It's butt ugly, but works great, easy app to use. The current $99 Honeywell at Home Depot is also nice. I use three at church. If the t-stat senses the unit is not cooling, I get a notification. Sent from the iMore App
  • Nest is fantastic. Nothing not to like about it. I am so glad I got mine. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The only Thermostat among these that has a remote sensor is Ecobee. I bought it once, but it needed a very complex connection with the main heating/AC unit which was far away in my case. Does anyone know of any other Thermostats that support remote sensors?