Fjorden Camera Case On MapSource: Fjorden

What you need to know

  • Fjorden is a new camera grip that claims to be the first professional and professional option.
  • Priced at $141 via Kickstarter, deliveries are expected early next year.

As the iPhone continues to be used to take stunning photos some people need to take their photography to the next level. That's where the Fjorden camera grip comes into play with its hardware buttons and more.

Available via a $141 Kickstarter project, the new Fjorden grip promises the "world's first pocketable, professional iPhone camera grip." That's a big claim, but it might have a point.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, for example, already takes some stunning photos. But the Fjorden adds four specialist buttons that can be used with the world's most popular camera apps, turning your iPhone into a 'real' camera in no time at all.

Fjorden Camera Case On WoodSource: Fjorden

1. Two-Stage Shutter Button: Just like your real camera: Half-press to focus, full-press to capture the image.

2. Customizable Control Dial: Easily adjust exposure, shutter speed, ISO, portrait mode aperture, manual focus, and other parameters without changing your hand position.

3. Multi-Function Button: You choose what it does: Trigger portrait mode or selfie mode, select flash mode, or switch between other custom settings.

4. Zoom Lever: Quickly switch between iPhone lenses, or smoothly zoom in and out.

While there's a compatible Fjorden app, what makes this thing so special is the way it works with apps like Obscura, Moment, and more. There's even a MagSafe adapter for attaching to car mounts, desk chargers, and even tripods.

It all sounds pretty special and you can order your Fjorden via Kickstarter now. I'm told that the grips are expected to be ready for delivery in or around February 2021.

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