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What you need to know

  • A new Flighty app update is available for download from the App Store.
  • The app gained new features designed to help people stay informed during the pandemic.
  • New customers can also get 90% off their first month, too.

Flighty, one of the most popular flight trackers around has a new update out that's designed to help make sure fliers know what's going on with their trips this holiday season. And to make sure everyone gets to take advantage of Flighty right now, Flighty Pro is being offered with a huge 90% discount for the first month.

The updates added this time around are supposed to make sure people know if their flights have been canceled or rescheduled which, in a COVID-19 world, is something that could happen at any time. Now you'll know instantly should either situation crop up.

24/7 Cancellation Alerts: With more cancellations than ever and tense public relations, airlines can take a day or longer to even inform you that your flight is canceled – not with Flighty! Flighty users are the first to know about cancellations and can rebook before the rush, with the 24/7 cancellation monitoring feature, and push alerts. No more next-day cryptic "itinerary change" emails or 4 hours on hold to rebook.

24/7 Reschedule Alerts: No more marketing spin or gate agent between you and the truth – Flighty sends ultra-clear push notifications telling you exactly what you need to know: how much did my flight time change by? Rebook before the rush, don't get stuck in the middle seat, and know right away with new reschedule alerts.

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You can be sure that Flighty's data is going to be accurate as well – the team has picked up a new deal with FlightAware to make sure it is.

FlightAware Partnership: Flighty is excited to preview a long-term integration with FlightAware, the global leader in professional flight data, to bring truly pilot-grade data to everyone. Using the same data as airlines, pilots, and aviation experts like Boeing – Flighty users get unprecedented access to the best flight data on earth.

Powered by FlightAware's live-streaming worldwide data, Flighty's already-leading push notifications are now even faster – by 3-4 minutes across the board, furthering their lead in getting customers real-time information they need. Additional upgrades include best-in-class European and Asian flight coverage, more tail number coverage, and further improvements yet to be announced.

You can also now pick up Flighty Pro for just $0.99 for the first month instead of the usual $9, as well. It's like Christmas come early.

You can download Flighty from the App Store now.

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