Folding iPhone concept mock upSource: Rene Ritchie/ iMore

What you need to know

  • A new report says Apple is focusing on a clamshell design in prototypes of its folding iPhone.

A new report from serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser says that Apple has turned its attention to a clamshell design in prototypes of its folding iPhone.

In his latest episode of Front Page Tech, Prosser says that it seems Apple has made up its mind in terms of a foldable iPhone, following previous reports that it was in fact testing two different designs, one akin to the Galaxy Z Fold, and the other to the Galaxy Z Flip. Prosser had previously reported that Apple was testing both options, and further reports had noted that both had passed some internal testing.

However, Prosser says Apple is now leaning "heavily in the favor" of the latter clamshell design. Prosser says his sources are unclear why there has been this clear change of emphasis, but that this design is the one getting all of the attention behind the scenes.

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Prosser says that a second piece of information paints a very interesting picture of Apple's goals for the phone. That's because Apple plans to offer the folding iPhone in multiple, "fun" colors, away from the "serious, polished" tone of Apple's iPhone 'Pro' lineup.

This indicates that Apple expects to market this device to everyday users, rather than as a premium, more expensive option. Prosser says this tidbit tells us much more about a folding iPhone than previous rumors.

Prosser further refuted rumors that a folding iPhone would be released next year, stating that this is "certainly not" the case. In fact, given this phone remains in early prototyping, there is every possibility that Apple will simply ditch the idea at any point in time.