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Four Great Power Banks to Replenish your MacBook Pro Battery on the Go

Everyone hates running out of battery life when they are out and about, and power banks have long been a solution that many phone users turn to to keep their mobile devices alive when they are away from an outlet. When it comes to your MacBook Pro, finding a power bank that will charge it up can be tricky, as it requires a lot more power than your iPhone. Don't worry; we've scoured the earth and found you some options that will help keep your MacBook Pro from dying in between places.

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Luke Filipowicz
Luke Filipowicz

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  • $120? $150?? Are you high? That is beyond absurd pricing. The first one at $27 is fine, if a bit much for only 10,400 mah. I bought a 20,000 mah power bank a few months ago on eBay for $30, including shipping. It has a nice digital display showing the exact battery percentage remaining (100%, 37%, etc.). None of this "5 lights, 3 lights" crap. I use it for my phones, iPads, everything.
  • That’s pretty good for 20,000 mah. Are you able to charge your laptop with it too? There’s tons of options out there for different smart devices (I even use a solar panel one), but there aren’t many that are priced fairly that have the appropriate attachments and plugs to charge my old 2010 MacBook Air. It has the old mag charger, not this fancy USB-C business.
  • itech900a can power 12/18Vdc, charge via two USB2 ports, jump start a car. 20,000mAh Doesn’t have USB-C onboard but can plug in an inverter.