Game of the week: JYDGE

JYDGE is a popular twin-stick shooter game that has been a fan favorite on Steam since it launched last year, and it finally made its way to iOS!

There are a ton of great twin-stick shooter games that are amazing on console and PC but when they are ported over to mobile, don't quite hit the target. Luckily, JYDGE didn't fall into that category and ported it's game exceptionally well.

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Super smooth gameplay

The gameplay is gorgeous in every aspect and feels like a premium game through and through. The levels are well-designed, and although there are a finite number of them, each one has a layout that is distinct making you tackle each level differently (even more on this later).

In a world where twin-stick shooters can have sloppy controls, JYDGE shines through with touch controls that just work. I usually reach for my MFi controller the minute controls give me trouble, and although JYDGE is compatible with my SteelSeries Nimbus controller, I mostly opted not to use it. I did find the aiming to be a tad sluggish, both with and without a controller, but once I turned off auto-aiming in the settings, I found the issues I were having were gone.

Dystopian cyberpunk setting

I love games that go heavy on theme, and it's refreshing to see an action game like JYDGE maximize on its cool setting.

While a dystopian future with a cyberpunk flair is not a novel theme, it is ingrained in the game very well. The bright colored neon lights juxtaposed with the dark and murky streets outdoors, make the game come to life. Plus, with the synth-rock beats blasting in the background of every level — which have enough variety not to feel monotonous — tie the entire fast-paced action gameplay together in a very cool way.

Rewards are a challenge.

As you progress through the game, you collect money to buy upgrades — there are a ton by the way — and outfit JYDGE with the cybernetics you feel will help you in the game. To have access to every upgrade, you have to complete objectives in each mission.

Every mission has three objectives, and some of them have to be completed separately from other objectives, which means you have to replay the same level multiple times to finish them all. This sounds annoying and tedious, and I usually would agree; however, each level is so well-designed, that you can approach it from multiple angles. It's so refreshing to be able to go through a level numerous times and find the most efficient way to complete your objective, that I found myself looking forward to playing the same level more than once.

The game challenges you to complete each objective and really makes you think, which in turn, makes unlocking new weapon upgrades and cybernetics for JYDGE feel extremely rewarding.

Final Thoughts

JYDGE shines through as one of my favorite action games on iOS, and certainly the best of a very early 2018.

If you're looking for a deep story with lots of characters and development, JYDGE is not the game for you; however, its got flash and style in spades! The game looks and feels amazing. The gameplay is smooth, the controls are almost flawless, and the level design is absolutely top notch.

I can already tell I'll be playing JYDGE until I beat the game, and even though that's probably a while away, I can already tell I'll be clamoring for more.

$4.99 - Download Now

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