Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to quickly evolve Rellor, Pawmo, and Bramblin

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Rellor, Pawmo, Bramblin
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One of the most tedious evolution processes ever conceived was introduced with Scarlet and Violet. Unlike other Pokémon, Pawmo, Rellor, and Bramblin can only evolve after they've taken 1,000 steps while in Let's Go mode. This is a boring process that has made many Gen 9 players frustrated. 

However, we're here to help make the process go faster by explaining some tips and tricks that will save you some time and will even allow a Pokémon to walk itself. 

How to evolve Pawmo, Rellor, and Bramblin fast!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Rabsca, Pawmot, Bramblegast

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  • Pawmo + Walk 1,000 steps + level up → Pawmot
  • Rellor + Walk 1,000 steps + level up → Rabsca
  • Bramblin + Walk 1,000 steps + level up → Brambleghast

As previously stated, Pawmo, Rellor, and Bramblin each need to take 1,000 steps in Scarlet and Violet's overworld and then level up in order to evolve. To do this, you need to use Let's Go mode, which is when you press the ZR button and you throw the first Pokémon in your party out to wander the world next to you. So if you're working on evolving one of these three, make sure they are the first team member in your party and let them out of their Poké Balls. 

Here's where things get frustrating. A creature that you send out in Let's Go Mode like this will follow you around, but if you get too far away they will dive back into their Poké Balls. So it's better to be on your feet rather than on Miraidon or Koraidon while doing this. Some people have found it easier to duck down (press the B button) and then slowly walk beside your Pokémon for 10 minutes or so until the 1,000-step mark has passed. 

Of course, if you want to pass all this tediousness, you could try and find another player to trade Pokémon with and get the Pawmot, Rabsca, and Brambleghast evolutions that way. 

Note: It's unclear if the Pokémon needs to take the steps or if the trainer does. Additionally, it's not clear if it needs to be 1,000 steps total or if it needs to be 1,000 steps before the Pokémon levels up again. Due to this, it's best to only let the Pokémon level up once you're certain it passed the 1,000-step mark. 

How to make your Pokémon walk itself

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Pokemon Center walking trick

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Of course, if you'd rather have your Pawmo, Rellor, or Bramblin walk themselves while you're AFK doing something else, that's possible too. 

As discovered by @soltawashi on Twitter, all you have to do is throw out one of these three Pokémon near a Pokémon Center, jump on top of the Pokémon Center, and then stand on one of the far sides. 

The Pokémon will wander around trying to get next to you but will be unable to do so. So just leave the game sitting for roughly 10 minutes and then level up your Pokémon with a rare candy, Exp. Candy, or by battling and it should be good to evolve. 

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I'm sure I did 1,000 steps, why won't my Pokémon evolve?

Several players have stated that they are certain they walked 1,000 steps with their Pokémon and it still didn't evolve. Unfortunately, many players have also reported a glitch where a Pokémon won't evolve when it's supposed to. The way to fix this has been to make sure the Pokémon is used in a traditional battle at least once (not just in auto-battles) before it levels up and then it often evolves.

Is there a step counter?

If there is a step counter in the game that tells you how long a specific Pokémon has walked then it hasn't been discovered yet. This is rather annoying considering that previous Pokémon games such as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl had the Pokétech, which would count steps the player had taken. So for now you'll either have to count steps yourself or take a guess and hope your Pokémon has walked enough. 

Count steps or let them walk themselves

The idea of letting a Pokémon out onto the overworld to walk around with as your little buddy is really cute. But it can be very tedious taking 1,000 steps with Rellor, Pawmo, or Bramblin just to make them evolve. If you're willing to put the time in yourself, go to a place where Pokémon don't spawn much and walk back and forth for about 10 minutes and that should do the trick. 

Of course, if that sounds too tedious and you'd rather the Pokémon just walked itself, you can do the Pokémon Center method while you go and do something else for awhile. Either way, you'll get each respective Pokémon evolved into Rabsca, Pawmot, or Brambleghast this way. 

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