Splatoon 3 Locker guide: How to get decorations and customize your space

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Ever since the release of Splatoon on the Wii U, fans have been asking for apartments to decorate in the fresh 90s style the series is known for. Though they're not quite as big, players were given the opportunity to decorate lockers. Here's everything you need to know about where to find your locker, how to upgrade it, and where you can find decorations with which to spruce it up.

What are lockers?

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Lockers are a new feature introduced on Splatoon 3. Players can decorate lockers with stickers, posters, weapons, gear, and decorations, from plushies to comic books.

Once you get to level 4, you can visit the General Store, run by Harmony. She'll give you a catalog and access to the locker room in the lobby. While it will look like a black wall initially, you'll be prompted to enter once you approach it. The locker room can be found in the online multiplayer lobby, to the left of the Shellout Machine and the cafeteria, where you can buy food to level up fast

Splatoon 3 locker room location

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Your locker will be marked by a white triangle above it, directly opposite the entrance to the room. It costs nothing to decorate it, and you can change your locker's appearance as many times as you'd like. Don't be shy about experimenting with your style!

How to decorate your locker

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You can decorate your locker to your heart's content and really express your creative skills. Here's how you can decorate your locker:

  1. Press A to interact with your locker
  2. Press + to edit your locker. You can press ZR to open and close your locker to decorate the outside if you'd like
  3. Press X to open the menu and select items in different folders with L and R
  4. Press A to interact with any item, or hold A while dragging the Left Stick across other items to move multiple items at once
  5. Move items around the locker with the Left Stick
  6. Press L and R to tilt items
  7. Press ZL and ZR to rotate items 90 degrees
  8. Move the Right Stick to turn items around — you can still tilt and rotate them with the shoulder buttons
  9. Press Y to put away items

Where to get decorations

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When you first receive a locker, all that's available to you are your current weapon and the clothes on your back. Not to worry, as there are a whole plethora of things with which you can give your locker some pizazz. As you progress through the game, any gear and weapons you obtain can be used to decorate your locker, but there are other items called decorations specifically made for lockers.

Here are the different ways you can get new decorations for your designated locker space:


Splatoon 3 Hotlantis

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Hotlantis is the new general store, run by Harmony. After reaching level 4, she gives you a catalog and the ability to purchase items. She sells stickers and posters that can be used to decorate the inside and outside surfaces of your locker, as well as selling the larger decorations that can be placed inside. Her stock changes every day, so be sure to keep coming back!


Splatoon 3 catalog

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After getting the catalog from Harmony, you receive points for leveling up by engaging in online multiplayer matches like Turf War and Salmon Run. Leveling up your locker grants you prizes from Harmony, including stickers and decorations. 

Catalogs rotate out every few months, and come with brand-new items to collect each time. Be sure to play online often to reap as many rewards as you can!


Splatoon 3 Alterna decoration

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The single-player campaign, called Hero Mode, takes place in a strange land called Alterna. As you explore the area, you'll come across giant swaths of fuzzy ooze that turn anyone who touches it into a fuzzball. Your Little Buddy, a Salmonid called a Smallfry, LOVES to eat this ooze, provided you supply them with enough Power Eggs that you collect along your journey. Eliminating areas of Fuzzy Ooze can uncover secrets, some of which are decorations and stickers.

Shellout Machine

Splatoon 3 Shellout Machine

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The Shellout Machine is a gacha machine found to the right of the locker room. Every day, you're granted a cheap play for 5,500 coins, with every subsequent play costing 30,000 coins. This machine will give you a random assortment of items, from banners for your Splashtag, to food tickets and decorations. While this may not be a reliable means of unlocking items, it's a nice thing to add to your daily routine in Splatoon 3.

How to upgrade your locker

Splatoon 3 large lockers

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If you're dissatisfied with how little room you have to stuff all your decorations in, don't fret! Once you get to level 15, you'll unlock the ability to use larger lockers. Not only will you have more room in which to place your items, but you'll also have more color options for your locker. It's nice to be able to work towards these upgrades, further incentivizing people to play one of the best Nintendo Switch games.

Locker, sweet locker

While not integral to the Splatoon 3 experience, lockers are a fun little side project that players can work on in-between matches. If you love customization and decorating, this feature alone can steal hours of your time.


Splatoon 3

Customize your own little part of Splatsville with weapons, gear, stickers, and neat little decorations. With the right style, you can be the absolute envy of the locker room.

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