Today only, get this Animal Crossing microSD card for Switch while it's at this crazy discount

SanDisk MicroSD Card 512GB Animal Crossing
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As you're out and about looking for the best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals you really shouldn't pass up this 512GB microSD card. It's officially licensed for Nintendo Switch, offers tons of space for Switch games, features an Animal Crossing theme, and is currently at a steal of a price this Cyber Monday

Whether you've grabbed your first Nintendo Switch system this holiday season, upgraded to a new one, or are still using one you've had for a while getting one of the best MicroSD cards for Nintendo Switch is crucial. That's because the Switch and Switch Lite only have 32GB of internal storage, which is only about enough room for three large games while the Switch OLED only has 64GB of internal storage, which is only good for about six large games. You're bound to run out of room or will need to archive and shift your data around a lot unless you get a decent microSD card to expand that storage space. 

SanDisk 512GB MicroSD Card for Nintendo Switch | (Was $140) Now $70 at GameStop

SanDisk 512GB MicroSD Card for Nintendo Switch | (Was $140) Now $70 at GameStop

This officially licensed microSD card for Nintendo Switch greatly increases the amount of storage your gaming system has so you can play more games. It's currently at an amazingly low price and will make a great gift for new or long-time Switch owners. 

Regardless of what Switch you have, I always recommend people purchase a microSD card of 128GB or higher. With 512GB of additional storage, you'll be playing tons of games without even needing to think about deleting, archiving, or reinstalling games on Switch, which can be a tedious process. Plus, for half off, this is an amazing deal for that much storage. SanDisk is a trusted microSD card brand that will help your system read and write data smoothly and at a fast speed. So you won't have to worry about performance issues.  

If you're an Animal Crossing fan or are purchasing gifts for an Animal Crossing fan then this will be a great fit as well since it features that sea green color from New Horizons as well as a cute little leaf icon. 

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