Here are 100+ of the best Apple Cyber Monday deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and more

Apple Cyber Monday
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We're getting near the end of this year's Cyber Monday deals, which means there are only a few hours left to catch Apple devices, accessories, and other tech at steep discounts. We've rounded up all of the best deals that are going on this year for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and much more. 

There are bucket loads of Apple Cyber Monday deals in the list below, with reductions on everything from those Apple products to cases, Homekit devices, and even app-enabled toys. We've laid it all out in easy-to-read and browse sections, with the very best deals right at the very top. So without further ado, here are all of the Cyber Monday Apple deals available right now. 

Apple Cyber Monday Deal Highlights

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There are loads of deals on iPads, but our favorite is the deal on the iPad from last year. No, it may not be the newest, but it's very well priced, with a $60 saving on full price. The cheapest way to get an iPad in your pocket.

iPad (2021) |$329 $269 at Amazon

iPad (2021) | $329 $269 at Amazon

This is the cheapest way to get a new iPad in your pocket, with a brand new lowest price. That's a nice $60 saving to make this iPad better value than ever. It's still a solid tablet, with plenty of oomf and a nice, large screen.

iPad cases and covers

Logitech keyboard cases are some of the best around and are officially made with Apple’s blessing meaning they are compatible with smart connectors and don’t just rely on Bluetooth.


Best Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals

There are loads of great deals on Apple Watches, with some lowest-ever prices - the best deal being the Apple Watch Ultra. There's a $60 discount on the Watch at Amazon at the moment, letting you pop a new watch on your wrist for less.

Apple Watch Ultra | $799 $739 at Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra | $799 $739 at Amazon

Today's $60 discount is the best price we've seen the high-end Ultra go for. The version with the orange wristband is out of stock at the time of writing, but the white and yellow options are still around. We've got you covered for alternative Apple Watch bands if you fancy a different color.

Best Cyber Monday iPhone deals

There is one deal that stands above all the rest with a monster saving AND some cool freebies - and we mean super cool freebies. You get a massive bundle of stuff with this one, but there's only one day left to get involved!

Up to $1000 off iPhone 14 Pro with trade-in at Verizon, $200, buy one get one free, free iPad, free Apple Watch, free Beats 

Up to $1000 off iPhone 14 Pro with trade-in at Verizon, $200, buy one get one free, free iPad, free Apple Watch, free Beats 

The beast is back. Get up to $1000 off your iPhone 14 Pro when you trade-in, $200 for free, a second line with $800 off and $200 for free on that line too, a free Apple Watch SE, a free iPad 9, and a free pair of Beats Fit Pro headphones.

iPhone cases and covers

Best Cyber Monday MacBook deals

There have already been some big sales on the MacBook line, with lowest prices on some of the latest devices. At the moment, our favorite deal is this unbeatable price on the MacBook Air M1, where you can save $200.

MacBook Air M1 | $999$799 at Amazon

MacBook Air M1 | $999 $799 at Amazon

Is it the newest MacBook Air? No. Does it still hold up? Absolutely. The M1 chip is still a beast, and the MacBook Air uses it to its full capacity, running deceptively powerful apps in a very svelte and slim chassis. While the design may not be the most recent, it is still stunning. and with $200 off at the moment, this is the MacBook Air deal that you've been waiting for.

Best Cyber Monday AirPods deals

One of the best deals on AirPods is that massive 50% off on AirPods 2 at the moment. That's the lowest price of the AirPods to date, and one well worth snapping up - they do like to go out of stock.

AirPods | $139 $79 at Amazon (Out of stock)

AirPods | $139 $79 at Amazon (Out of stock)

The AirPods second-generation might well be discontinued by Apple soon, but while they remain on sale they do see some excellent prices and deals that make them very affordable. Watch out for price drops that drop them below $100. 

Best Cyber Monday AirPods alternatives deals

There are some great AirPods Max Alternatives out there, and some of them have had some big discounts over Cyber Monday. One of the best deals is this hug saving on the Sony WH-1000XM4.

Sony WH1000-XM4 |$349$197 at Amazon

Sony WH1000-XM4 | $349 $197 at Amazon

This price is the lowest ever price seen on these Sony headphones, beating out the previous by around $40. For the price you'll get some great noise canceling to go with pretty good audio and one of the best hard cases in the business.

Best Cyber Monday Apple Pencil deals

There are only two Apple Pencils to choose from, but both are at their lowest ever prices right now! 

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) | $129 $89 at Amazon

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) | $129 $89 at Amazon

The Apple Pencil 2 now has a major saving at Amazon and is just $89. You can use this with the new iPad Pro and iPad Air for drawing and sketching, this is the best price we've ever seen on this particular model. 

Best Cyber Monday Apple TV deals

The best Apple TV deal is a tiny saving on the brand-new model, which is miles cheaper than the previous model. There are also savings on the old one to be had, so watch out for those too.

Apple TV 4K (2022) | $130 $124 at Amazon

Apple TV 4K (2022) | $130 $124 at Amazon

It's the latest Apple TV 4K. Choose from 64GB or 128GB of storage. Enjoy USB-C for the first time.  This deal is the best we've seen on this Apple TV model released just a few weeks ago. 

Best Cyber Monday portable storage deals

You can grab some great deals on portable SSDs, with some big Cyber Monday sales. Get more storage for less.

|$250$113 at Amazon

WD 2TB Elements SE - Portable SSD | $250 $113 at Amazon

This awesome little hard drive will give you 2TB of speedy solid-state storage that works with either a PC or a Mac. It has read speeds of up to 400MB/s, and a compact, rugged design that means it won't break it you drop it. It has plug-and-play functionality and comes with a cable in the box (USB 3). You're unlikely to see a better discount than 50% on 2TB of SSD storage this Cyber Monday.

Best Cyber Monday monitor deals

Grab a monitor this Cyber Monday, and land a great deal. Add more screen to your desk, and increase workflow for less cashFlow!

HP U28 4K 28-inch monitor |$450$325 at HP

HP U28 4K 28-inch monitor | $450 $325 at HP

This large, 28-inch monitor will give you all the extra screen real estate you need to get more space to improve your workflow. This price is almost the lowest the monitor has been, with a large $125 saving on full price. That brings the monitor down to $325, the perfect price to take the plunge.

Desktop Monitors

Portable Monitors

Best Cyber Monday Charger and Powerbank deals

The Apple-made Magsafe battery pack for iPhone is currently an absolute steal at the moment, with $25 off.

Apple MagSafe Battery pack |$99$75 at Amazon

Apple MagSafe Battery pack | $99 $75 at Amazon

You'll get an extra two phone charges out of this bad boy, and it simply clicks onto the back of your phone with the MagSafe magnets. Barely any extra bulk, and more battery life? Sign us up. Save $25 at Amazon for it's second lowest price.

Best Cyber Monday MVNO deals

A mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO for short, is a essentially a wireless network provider that piggybacks of the back of an existing providers wireless coverage. This saves on maintenance, given most are online and there's no need for a physical store. Those savings are passed along to you, the customer, along with contracts that you can pull out whenever you want, or prepaid options. These are some of the best deals around from MVNOs - and remember to bring your own phone!

Mint Mobile | 3 months free with any 3-month plan

Mint Mobile | 3 months free with any 3-month plan

You'll have to pay up front for three months of service, but Mint will double that for nothing. That will save you, if you go for the most expensive unlimited package, $90 - a very nice saving indeed.

Best Cyber Monday TV deals

The LG C2 OLED range is probably the best TV on the market, and this stellar 55-inch deal is our pick of the bunch. 

LG C2 OLED (55-inch) | $1,799 $1,297 at Amazon

LG C2 OLED (55-inch) | $1,799 $1,297 at Amazon

There's simply no better TV on the market for any application. Movies, TV, gaming — it does it all. Take advantage of this incredible deal to massively upgrade your home viewing experience. 

Best Cyber Monday Smart Home deals

Need yourself a smarter home (and nothing to do with that weird nineties Disney channel movie) and don't want to spend the world? These are some great deals on Smart Home kit this Cyber Monday, from Alexa to Homekit.

Ring DoorBell Pro |$170$100 at Amazon

Ring DoorBell Pro | $170 $100 at Amazon

This is a truly epic saving on one of the coolest smart doorbells around. This is the lowest price ever seen on this model - so you're getting the best deal. It features advacned motion detection, and works with most smart home services.

Apple Cyber Monday Toy deals

These toys make the most of your iPad or iPhone as they come with compatible apps that bring them to life. You’re able either control them, bring more information onto the screen or by using the camera for augmented reality experiences.

Abacus Brands Dino Dig VR |$35$28 at Amazon

Abacus Brands Dino Dig VR | $35 $28 at Amazon

What do you never grow out of? Dinos. Obviously. This box is like one of those old dig toys with a plaster block filled with plastic bones, only there's a cool VR app that makes the dino jump out of the screen at you. God, wish this came out when I was a kid. There is a $7 discount too, so you can grab one for the holidays and save a little while you're at it.

What are Apple Cyber Monday deals?

When Black Friday comes to an end, the Cyber Monday deals come out to play - it's another opportunity for retailers to give you the best prices possible on the tech you're looking for.

There are reductions across the board at places like Amazon, where you'll find massive sales on Apple kit over the weekend and over Monday itself.

When do the Cyber Monday Apple deals end?

Some of these deals will go on into the following week - but for the most part, they will finish by the end of the day on Monday. That's not taking into consideration whether the products themselves have sold out. Either way, if you spot a good deal, its worth dropping the hammer as soon as you can.

Is it worth waiting for Cyber Monday?

Now that's the question on all our lips really - and one that's difficult to say for sure. The deals we've got now are pretty excellent already, and they might run out of stock, so buying now is actually fairly sensible. On the other hand, some of those deals might get better over the day, so you might want to wait and see. Personally, we'd say go for it - but if you're a chancer, then you could save even more.

Do you need an Amazon Prime Account for the Cyber Monday deals?

For most, even on Amazon, no. For some, however, where there are some really big discounts, it looks like you might. Thankfully, its super easy to grab a thirty day free trial of Amazon Prime, and then you can cancel as soon as Cyber Monday is over so that you don't get caught out in a months time.

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