Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All characters and how to unlock heroes

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 all main characters
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In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, every character has specific skills and you need to take advantage of both their Combat Role and class to play effectively. Attackers hit enemies hard but will get targeted in return. Defenders can withstand several blows and make enemies focus on them. Meanwhile, Healers can provide stat buffs, replenish health points, or revive allies.

There are six main characters total that you will need to strategically use in battle, but you can also recruit several other heroes who can fight alongside you. Only one hero can be assigned at a time as your seventh team member, so you'll want to understand their skillset to see if it fits the way you play. We'll go over all Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters and heroes along with their battle styles.

This page contains spoilers. If you don't want any of the story ruined for you read no further.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Main Characters

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There are six main characters total in the vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Here they are listed next to their Ouroboros partners. 

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All Main Characters
CharacterStarting Combat Role / ClassDescription
NoahAttacker / SwordfighterA soldier from Keves who wields a sword. He Interlinks with Mio to form an Ouroboros.
MioDefender / ZephyrA soldier from Agnus who uses Dual Moonblades to protect her allies. She Interlinks with Noah to form an Ouroboros.
LanzDefender / Heavy GuardHe comes from Keves and uses a massive sword that doubles as a shield. He Interlinks with Sena to form an Ouroboros.
SenaAttacker / OgreA powerful solider from Agnus who slams down her massive hammer on foes. She Interlinks with Lanz to form an Ouroboros.
TaionHealer / TacticianAn intelligent young man from Agnus who puts enemies to sleep and increases ally damage. He Interlinks with Eunie to form an Ouroboros.
EunieHealer / Medic GunnerShe comes from Keves and sets up areas on the battle field that can increase ally stats or heal. She Interlinks with Taion to form an Ouroboros.

Interlinking partners into Ouroboros

From left to right, Ouroboros forms where Eunie, Noah, and Lanz are dominant.  (Image credit: Monolith Soft)

When a compatible pair of main characters come together, they can Interlink or fuse together into a powerful creature called an Ouroboros. This can happen mid-battle giving you more powerful attacks and Arts to use.

As explained previously; Noah merges with Mio, Lanz merges with Sena, and Taion merges with Eunie. The form and skills of the Ouroboros depend on which character becomes the leader during the fusion process. This means there are six different Ouroboros forms, each with a different focus:

Noah Form: Focuses on high-damage offensive attacks.

Mio Form: Prioritizes evasive movements.

Lanz Form: Specializes in defense.

Sena Form: Attacks hard without considering defense.

Taion Form: Spreads status effects.

Eunie Form: Focuses on healing.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to unlock all Heroes

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Heroes are different from main characters in that they are optional teammates. You will need to seek them out if you want them to join your side. Some of them join your group as part of the main story while others will only join if you complete a specific quest. This is a vast world that takes up a decent amount of space on your best microSD card, so it might take you some time to find them all.

You can have one hero battling alongside your main team. We've listed heroes alphabetically with descriptions of their battle style. 

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All Recruitable heroes
HeroStarting Combat Role / ClassDescriptionHow to unlock
AlexandriaAttacker / IncursorHer sword skills allow her to deal plenty of damage and critical hits. Go to the Fornis desert and defeat a group of Agnian soldiers under the arch. Start the "Her Reasons" side quest to unlock her.
AsheraDefender / Lone ExileShe wields a spear and jabs at enemies to drag their attention toward her.During chapter 5, go to Colony 11 and interact with the quest marker near the gates after destroying the Annihilator.
CammuraviAttacker / SeraphA bold Attacker, trading wounds for augmentation of an already formidable offensive power with his spear. Complete the "A Twist of Fate" hero quest.
EthelAttacker / Flash FencerShe Pressures foes with a dual-sword style and fells them in short, vicious bouts.Unlocks as part of the main story.
FionaHealer / SigniferThough a healer, she uses her large flag-like spear to attack enemies between helping teammates.Complete the "Transparent Dreams" hero quest in the Conchronk Beach landmark within the Candensia Region.
GhondorAttacker / Martial ArtistA martial artist Attacker who pounds foes into dust with a ceaseless torrent of blows.Unlocks as part of the main story.
GrayAttacker / Full Metal JaguarHis dual pistols combined with his drones allow him to rain down wide area attacks. His attacks get more powerful with the more enemies he hits.During chapter 2, go to the Aetia Region and interact with the quest marker near Kamos Outpost.
IsurdHealer / StrategosAn adroit, tactical Healer who uses special guns to aid allies in various ways, as well as weaken foes.Free Colony Lambda in chapter 4.
JuniperAttacker / StalkerShe is a long-distance attacker who uses her bow and arrows to strike and then hide. Unlocks as part of the main story after freeing Colony Tau and Maktha Wildwood in chapter 4.
MeliaAttacker / Royal SummonerA fearsome Attacker combining dynamic elemental attacks with reliable support.After freeing Keves Castle, go back and then interact with the quest marker on the main floor.
MiyabiHealer / TroubadourA special Healer, raising allies' attack frequency and strengthening them greatly with flute-playing.Free the people of Colony Omega.
MonicaDefender / Lost VanguardA stout Defender, guarding allies all around with shield and Arts, while crushing foes with a mace. The "Vandham's Heir" hero quest must be completed to unlock her.
NiaHealer / LifesageA Healer whose command of water can fell foes and heal allies in the same beat; a battlefield messiah.Come back to The Hall of the Serene after first meeting Nia and initiate her quest.
Riku and MananaAttacker / YumsmithThis Nopon duo work together to attack and weaken enemies. Riku holds a gun while Manana charges with a shield.Unlocks during main campaign in chapter 3 after completing "A Nopon's Counsel" quest.
SegiriAttacker / Machine AssassinAn Attacker who hounds foes with debuffs, then fells them at their most vulnerable with dual axes. Complete several side quests at Colony 4 until you go on a quest to free Colony 0
TeachHealer / ThaumaturgeA Healer with a belligerent bent. Batters enemies with powerful combos while soothing ailing allies.Free Colony Gamma in chapter 2.
TritonAttacker / SoulhackerA special class enabling a variety of fighting styles using skills and Arts stolen from enemies.Go to the Candensia Region and start the Colony 15 liberation quest. Take on sidequests in this area until his shows up.
ValdiHealer / War MedicHe's an ideal supporter providing area healing and stat buffs for allies. Free Colony 30 to unlock him.
ZeonDefender / Guardian CommanderWith his sword and shield handy, he's ready to protect his allies against any foe.Unlocks as part of the main story when you free Colony 9.

Since you can only have one hero assisting your team at a time, you'll likely want to swap them out depending on what kind of scenario or enemy you find yourself up against. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses that are better or worse in different scenarios. 

Everyone's here

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters and heroes are set up in such a way that you need to make your team work together if you want to successfully take down enemies. Each of the three Combat Roles plays an important part but must be used differently. 

Take time to convince heroes to join your team as they can provide additional assistance during battles. You'll want to check them all out to see which ones work best with your play style.


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