Apple considering making future Vision headsets lighter and smaller, says report

A lady wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple announced its first VR headset, Vision Pro, a few months ago. The device is yet to be released to consumers, but Apple is already working on its next headsets. Apparently, it wants them to be lighter and likely smaller, because of some concerns with the bulk that the Vision Pro comes with.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman said that the newly established Vision Products Group, Apple's division for VR headsets, is working on developing more headsets in the future. Weight seems to be a big concern, and we could see future Vision headsets benefit from a reduction in weight.

Presciption lenses another pain point for Apple's Vision

Gurman says Apple is considering multiple Vision headsets, including a cheaper one, and an even more powerful version. It wants to reduce some of the bulk, however.

Gurman wrote, "Work on the next Vision Pro remains early, but the company is hoping to make the device lighter and at least slightly smaller. It currently weighs about a pound, and testing has shown that it can feel too heavy for some users — even in short stretches. Apple is considering addressing this on the first model with an over-the-head strap, but making the hardware lighter is a better long-term solution."

Prescription lenses are also a challenge for the Vision headsets. The Vision Pro gets magnetic prescription lenses, but Apple wants to simplify the whole setup. Apple is considering custom-built headsets, but that will come with its own set of challenges, noted Gurman.

Apple is likely to steer towards lightweight AR glasses in the future, solving both these pain points. These would be designed for all-day wear. Even if it doesn't take that route, upcoming VR headsets from the company are also likely to see a reduction in weight and likely size, making for a more comfortable experience.

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